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Tim Healy: I was close to death

Tim Healy says he is now fighting fit after his health problems last year.

The North East actor has told ITV News Tyne Tees a routine operation on his gall bladder in Spain put him out of action for filming in the hit TV series Benidorm.

Just the one morning I thought 'there's something wrong here'. So they got my straight into hospital. Sadly it didn't go as it should have done and I started to have internal bleeding and all sorts of problems."

PAM: "Were you close to death?"

"Well er, I... just remember waking up. But apparently I was yeah, for a while

– Tim Healy

His wife Joan, ex-wife Denise Welch and youngest son Louis all flew out to see him while he was laid up in a Spanish hospital.

Tim says he has now been back and has finished filming the new series which hits our screens in January.

Tim and wife Joan after he got out of hospital Credit: Family photo

It was great to get back there. They looked after me, they really did. I missed everybody.

It was tough for them to work round me for three or four episodes but now I've come back with a bang, that's all I'm saying."

– Tim Healy
Tim Healy with Dave Whittaker Credit: ITV News

Tim is now focused on raising money for his friend and fellow actor Dave Whittaker who had a bad stroke in 2012.

A golf tournament is being held at Linden Hall in Northumberland on September 7 to help raise money for Dave's ongoing care.