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Jeremy Corbyn highlights SSI closure in EU single market position

Mr Corbyn highlighted the fate of SSI in Redcar Credit: PA

Jeremy Corbyn is resisting pressure from Labour MPs to commit the party to keeping the UK in the EU single market after Brexit.

As activists gathered in Brighton for the start of Labour's annual conference, 30 senior figures have written an open letter calling for the party to do whatever it takes to keep Britain in the single market and the customs union.

But Mr Corbyn highlighted the fate of SSI in Redcar to demonstrate his concerns about staying in the single market.

He suggested that EU rules could have prevented him as prime minister from intervening to prop up Britain's steel industry during its recent crisis, and would block a future Labour government from investing in industries.

I would have wanted us to intervene immediately on SSI Redcar when the steel industry was in a crisis at that time.

The government claimed there issues of state aid, we disputed that at the time.

– Jeremy Corbyn MP