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'Touching the Void' mountaineer visits Hartlepool

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A lecture detailing the dramatic 30 year career of mountaineer Simon Yates will take place at Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre on Monday.

Told by the adventurer himself, “My Mountain Life – Simon Yates” will take the audience from a mountain in Peru to some of the remotest on the planet through wit, dry humour and images and film collected on his great climbs.

Simon suddenly became a household name after an expedition to Peru in 1985, when he had to choose whether or not to cut the rope that was dangling his injured partner Joe Simpson over the mountain face.

His decision saved both their lives and an epic tale of survival followed, leading to the climber’s stories being the focus of the book “Touching The Void” and the later film.

Jamie Kelly, Hartlepool Borough Council’s Culture Officer (Theatre Development) said: “Simon’s career journey has been an incredible one, and we are excited to bring this engaging tale of raw determination and survival back to Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre.

“We encourage everyone to come along and share the drama and excitement of modern, lightweight alpinism.”