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Huge barn fire in County Durham treated as arson

Credit: Durham Constabulary

Police are investigating an arson attack at a farm in County Durham.

A farmer has spoken of the 'devastating' blaze in one of his barns.

David Walker, 65, could only look on as 400 bales of straw, a tractor, trailer, fertiliser spreader and a bin of grain were engulfed in flames and completely destroyed.

It happened on November 22 at Satley Farm near Lanchester.

The fire took dozens of firefighters more than 24 hours to put out. The flames were only feet away from a barn containing cattle which managed to remain unscathed.

Mr Walker said:

It has had a drastic impact on us. We are all absolutely gutted.

We’ve never had anything like this happen to us before and it’s been difficult to comprehend.”

– David Walker

The family-run farm has been passed down from generations when Mr Walker’s great-grandfather first took residence in 1880.

It will take a while but we will build it back up, we will keep going, we have to for my son and grandchildren.

My granddaughter who is 14 and grandson who is 2 already love anything to do with farming.”

– David Walker

A spokesperson for Durham Constabulary said:

This is a suspected arson attack and our investigations are continuing.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage has been caused. This is somebody’s livelihood which has gone up in flames.

We would encourage anyone with information in regards to the fire or who saw any suspicious activity in the area at the time to contact police on 101"

– Durham Constabulary