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Cat seeks new 'forever home' after surgery to remove dead rat

Rosie is looking for a new forever home after undergoing a major operation to remover a rat from her stomach. Credit: ITV News

A cat is looking for a new home after undergoing surgery to remove a large undigested rat from her stomach.

The white cat, who appeared to be lost, turned up at a home in Stensall, York, looking for shelter with a hard and severely swollen stomach.

The concerned householder contacted the RSPCA for help following her arrival on December 2.

Nine-year-old cat, Rosie, ran away from her owners five months ago. Credit: RSPCA

RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Leanne Honess-Heather arrived at the scene, scanned the cat and was surprised to find she was microchipped.

She soon discovered that the nine-year-old cat, named Rosie, had ran away from her owners five months earlier.

Leanne said: "Rosie the cat had turned up on the caller’s doorstep soaked through and looking for shelter.

"When I scanned the cat for a microchip I was able to track down her owners and tell them what had happened.

"They explained that 9 year-old Rosie had run away five months earlier after being with them since she was a kitten."

Rosie had not got on with their other cat, and as hard as they tried to coax her back, she refused to return home.

Leanne explained to Rosie’s owner that although the cat looked bright and happy, her extended stomach was a cause for concern and that she wanted a vet to examine her.

When Rosie was assessed a Battle Flats vet, her stomach was solid and it was clear her condition was causing a lot of discomfort.

A large undigested rat was found to be blocking Rosie's stomach. Credit: RSPCA

A scan showed she had a mass in her stomach and she needed an urgent operation.

A large undigested rat was found to be blocking up her stomach.

Leanne said: "I updated Rosie’s owners on the situation.

"They worried that even after the operation Rosie still wouldn’t settle back home and would wander off again.

"We discussed their options at length and after careful consideration they decided it was in Rosie's best interests if we found her a new home, where she would be happy and not feel threatened."

Leanne spoke with the York branch of the RSPCA who agreed to take Rosie in to their care and pay for the operation to be carried out.

Rosie is now on the way to making a full recovery and will soon be available for adoption.