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'Dozens' of Labour MPs call for 'nonplussed' Corbyn to go

A Labour Party member has told ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship that "dozens" of people in the party want leader Jeremy Corbyn to go following Brexit.

They described him as "at best nonplussed, at worst pleased" with the vote for Britain to leave the European Union.

Two Labour MPs have today submitted a motion of no confidence in the party leader.

Earlier Corbyn defended his part in the campaign, saying that he and fellow Remain campaigner David Cameron had "different visions" on Europe.

Police identify cyclist killed in Hartlepool collision

William Angus, from Hartlepool, died after a collision on the A689 on June 23 Credit: Cleveland Police

A cyclist who died after a collision with a car in Hartlepool has been named as William Angus.

The 58-year-old, from Hartlepool, was cycling on the eastbound carriageway of the A689, near to the Greatham turn off, when he collided with a car at around 5:30pm on June 23.

Mr Angus was pronounced dead at the scene.


"There are clear concerns about immigration" Stockton North MP reacts to Brexit

Stockton North Labour MP, Alex Cunningham Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Stockton North Labour MP, Alex Cunningham, said he is saddened and disappointed at the result of the EU referendum.

He went on to say in a statement sent to the press that immigration was a clear concern on the doorsteps of Stockton voters - with people worried about the impact on their jobs and their local services.

"I am saddened and disappointed at the decision to leave the EU – but the people of Stockton and across the country have made it abundantly clear that they want change and I will personally work to support their will.

“Communities, including my own in Stockton, have demonstrated that they feel left behind and cut off by the political establishment in Brussels and Westminster. This was a rejection of the status quo by millions of people who are not sharing in the wealth of this country and for whom the economy is not working.

“We’ve seen the failure of the current Government – and the coalition that went before it – to address the needs of post-industrial communities. The time for change is now and government needs to invest in the parts of Britain – like the North East – forgotten for too long.

“There have also been clear concerns about the impact of immigration. On the doorstep in Stockton people made it clear they are fearful of its impact on them and future generations. People are concerned about wages being undercut, and public services under strain. We’ve proposed changes to employment law, but only in government can we tackle issues like zero hours contracts and a ban on agencies only advertising abroad for jobs in Britain, and work to restore our public services.

“What we don’t need is a more right-wing reactionary Tory Government which will cut public services further, sweep away the rights of British workers and drive down wages.”

– Stockton North Labour MP, Alex Cunningham

Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP: "Boris probably will put his name forward to be PM"

Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP (Berwick-upon-Tweed) has told ITV Tyne Tees that she expects Boris Johnson to put his name forward to be the next Prime Minister.

David Cameron announced he is to resign as Prime Minister and that a new leader will be named by October.

Redcar MP says she is 'disappointed' with EU referendum result

Anna Turley Redcar MP Credit: PA

Anna Turley - the Labour MP for Redcar - has said she wants to make sure that Brexit truly does "liberate us in this region".

She's said she is "disappointed" in the result though.

“Obviously I am disappointed about the result. It was not what I believed was best for the future of our country and our economy. But people have spoken loud and clear. I heard and understood the concerns, indeed the anger, people had throughout this process (and before) and the local result was not unexpected.

Now my priority will be to focus on helping to get best deal for Britain from Brexit. Now we have made this decision, we have got to try and stabilise the economy and build one that works for our region. We need to make sure that Brexit truly does liberate us in this region, as people have voted for, not do us further damage.

Britain is a great country. Teesside is a great area. We have to pull together now to get the best deal. I will be going back down to parliament on Monday and will redouble my efforts to make sure the decisions made work for us.

– Anna Turley - the Labour MP for Redcar

Mandelson: I regret we were not more successful in countering that ridiculous, fantasy politics and propaganda that spewed out of the Leave campaign.

Peter Mandelson, the former MP for Hartlepool Credit: PA

Peter Mandelson, the former MP for Hartlepool and a former EU Commissioner, has criticised the Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, for his handling of the EU referendum campaign.

Mr Mandelson, who favoured staying in the EU, said Mr Corbyn should consider if he has what it takes to make people believe in him, telling ITV News:

"The Labour Party just did not pack a strong enough punch in this campaign. Too many voters did not listen to Jeremy Corbyn or did not understand what he was saying".

I feel that we could and should have done so much more, particularly as the Labour party, to sort of join up the dots for people, to explain what the consequences would be, what the negative impact would be on jobs and pay packets in the North East in so far as we didn't do that well enough, we politically in the Labour party have to take responsibility for that.

I also think people in the North East were sold this ridiculous notion that coming out of the European Union was some sort of 'magic bullet' to solve all our country's problems with immigration. You should've looked really at the small print of what the Leave people were saying.

They didn't have one shred of an idea, not one single policy that explained how immigration would be changed if we came out of the European Union, but with such single-mindedness they whipped up people's emotions, they led people to believe that all this could be transformed overnight, that we could stop Turkey coming into the European Union - Turkey isn't going to come into the European Union while you and I are alive - that our population was going to explode if we stayed in the European Union.

I really regret we were not more successful in countering that ridiculous, fantasy politics and propaganda that spewed out of the Leave campaign.

– Peter Mandelson
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