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One Direction: "It's natural to take a break after this schedule"

Louis Tomlinson has defended the band's decision to take a break after their current world tour.

The One Direction singer says that is makes sense after such a hectic five years of shows. Louis, who was speaking to ITV News Tyne Tees backstage in Newcastle, added that they will 'definitely get back together'.

So what are their plans?

  1. Amy Lea

One Direction prepare to wow Newcastle again

One Direction are in the region ahead of their second gig at Newcastle's Metro Radio Arena tonight. The boys said their third and final show - tomorrow night - would be the loudest.

If you're there, let us know what it's like by tweeting @itvtynetees or emailing

  • Watch our report about Sunday's One Direction gig here.

We even got Niall to try out his Geordie accent. See and hear the results below:


Miniature monkey twins born at Tynemouth Aquarium

Marmoset twins at Tynemouth's Blue Reef Aquarium Credit: Blue Reef Aquarium

A pair of tiny marmoset monkeys have been born at Tynemouth's Blue Reef Aquarium.

It’s the first time the aquarium's resident colony of miniature rescued monkeys has bred and keepers are delighted with how well first-time parents Miko and Minnie are coping.

Dad Miko with the marmoset twins Credit: Blue Reef Aquarium

The marmoset twins, which weighed less than 40 grams each when they were born at the end of last week, spend the first few weeks of their lives clinging to the backs of their parents.

Dad Miko caring for the marmoset twins Credit: Blue Reef Aquarium

Marmosets live in social family groups and have a strict hierarchy ranking. Unusually for primates, females nearly always give birth to non-identical twins.

All the monkeys at Blue Reef have been rescued after being found living in unsuitable conditions while others have been made homeless after their owners could no longer look after them.

Dad Miko and one of the marmoset twins Credit: Blue Reef Aquarium

Both twins are feeding well, and Minnie and Miko are happily passing the babies around.

We expect them to start exploring away from Miko in about a week, they are already becoming much more active on his back; wriggling around quite a lot.

They will be weaned from Minnie's milk at about three to four months old when they will start eating solid food."

– Blue Reef’s Rosie Wiggin

Parrot owner reunited with stolen birds

The second of two stolen parrots has been recovered and returned to its home in Middlesbrough.

The two African grey parrots were stolen from a property on Bransdale Road in Berwick Hills between Thursday 24th and Monday 28th September.

Missy and Snoop Dog back at home Credit: Cleveland Police

The first parrot, Missy, was reunited with her owner on Wednesday 30th September and the second parrot, Snoop Dogg, was returned home today (Friday).

Cleveland Police have thanked everyone who helped with this incident and to everyone who shared the posts via social media, saying it is much appreciated.


Video of Robson Green as Metro driver resurfaces after 20 years

A video of North East actor Robson Green promoting the Tyne and Wear Metro has been rediscovered after more than 20 years.

The educational video from 1985 featured the Geordie actor before he was famous. It was made to deter anti-social behaviour on the Metro network.

A few years after it was made, the one and only copy of the footage was lost, but, 30 years after it was made, has reappeared online.

See Robson Green play the role of a Metro driver in the video below, from 1:05.

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