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Elvis' hair to be sold at auction

A lock of Elvis Presley's hair could be available for a snip as it is set to go under the hammer in Northumberland.

The single strand, which is displayed in the middle of a record and framed picture of The King, is up for grabs on Saturday at the Northern Auction Centre.

The hair also comes with a letter from a man called Thomas Morgan, who knew Elvis and claims to have been a friend of the singer's hairdresser, Homer Gilleland.

Mr Morgan says that Mr Gilleland accompanied the star on many tours and that the bag of hair clippings he built up was one of his prized possessions.

"We have never sold Elvis' hair before. It came from a deceased estate and we didn't know much about it.

"I processed it quite quickly and did not actually look at the back until someone said there was stuff behind the picture.

"When we had a look we found some provenance with a certificate saying it was Elvis' hair.

"It's not something you come across every day and it's here to be sold for whatever it makes on the day, there's no reserve.

"It could £50, it could make £5,000 but it is a rare thing and we are quite confident it is what it says it is."

– Jim Railton, Northern Auction Centre



A Yorkshireman's best friend: One man and his camel

A man from North Yorkshire has a best friend of a different variety - an 11 foot camel called Jeffrey.

Simon gets ready to give Jeffrey a drop of his favourite tipple Credit: Ross Parry

Originally from Russia, it is thought that Jeffrey, owned by Simon Grant, from Sutton-on-the-Forest, is the UK's only pet camel.

Not only that, Simon read that Camels enjoy drinking beer, so after finding this to be true, Jeffery now gets a couple of pints mixed into his feed on special occasions.

Racing camels are often given a swig of beer before races to make them livelier.

Who says a dog is a man's best friend? Credit: Ross Parry

Bactrian camels can survive temperatures of around -25 Celsius, and are instantly recognisable by their twin humps.

There are thought to be around two million living in the world, but only around 800 of these are wild, living mostly in remote areas of Mongolia and Siberia.

Here's to you Jeffrey Credit: Ross Parry

Jeffrey was bought as a birthday present for Simon's son, Tom, seven years ago, and was brought over from Holland. The family bought him for £3,000 and nursed him back to health, after Tom mentioned in passing he was fond of the animals.

Jeffrey was brought over from Holland, aged four Credit: Ross Parry

Simon, a former racehorse jockey and trainer has trained the camel to be ridden.

Jeffrey could live until the ripe old age of 60, and will have his favourite tipple to thank in his old age.

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The Big Reunion Tour 2014 to make Newcastle stop

Jade Jones from Damage Credit: PA

After 'The Big Reunion' hit ITV2, 'The Big Reunion Boy Band Tour' has been announced.

The TV series saw the bands being reunited to perform once again together. Now, seven boy bands including Five, Blue, A1, Damage, 3T and 5th Story, will play the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle on October 30.

Five in 1998 Credit: PA

"When you get in the middle it is your time to shine"

Thousands of children from 72 schools performed at the Sage Gateshead in the annual Gateshead Schools Dance Festival.

The event is organised by Gateshead Council to encourage youngsters to express their creativity and get fit.

These children told us they enjoyed it a lot.

Pictures: Children take to the Stage

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