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Sale of First World War nurse's diary with messages, drawings and poems by injured soldiers

A commonplace book containing messages, drawings and poems by more than 120 injured servicemen during World War One is on sale in Newcastle.

The drawings by soldiers injured in battles, including Ypres and the Somme Credit: Anderson & Garland

They were collected by a nurse, called F.L. Maguire, from soldiers she treated between 1916 and 1919 at three hospitals: Norbury and Croydon in the UK and Rouen in France.

In addition to the soldiers' names, the book records their ranks and serial numbers, so their stories could be traced by archivists or family members researching their ancestors.

The messages are from soldiers from more than 60 Allied regiments Credit: Anderson and Garland

The book is now owned by a family from Corbridge, Northumberland, and is going on sale at an auction house in Newcastle.

Autograph book
The book was owned by Nurse, later Sister, F. L. Maguire Credit: Anderson and Garland


Video flying through space shows how universe would look to Captain Kirk

On the day scientists in the United States announced they may have detected echoes of the Big Bang at the start of the universe, researchers in the UK showed off a unique image of the cosmos in more recent times.

The team from Durham University used data from telescopes and satellites to put together a detailed map of thousands of galaxies, which Dr Peder Norberg compared to the view Captain Kirk and his team in Star Trek would have from their flights around space:

'Depressed' penguins pick up after sunny spell

Penguins at Scarborough's Sea Life Centre hit the headlines last month when they were given a course of anti-depressants to cheer them up after several weeks of wet weather.

Now their owners have the best sign yet that spring has made the penguins happier - they have found a freshly-laid egg.

penguin pairs
Breeding is a good sign of penguin pick me up Credit: Scarborough Sea Life Centre

“Our prayers were finally answered and the arrival of spring has certainly worked its magic on our penguin family,” said Lyndsey Crawford, a supervisor at the centre.

“There is no surer sign that they are feeling chipper again than the resumption of breeding activity.”

Penguin pairs
The Humboldt penguins pairing up to breed Credit: Scarborough Sea Life Centre

The egg was laid by a female called Pinky and is the first this spring, although there are signs that another female, called Piglet, may be about to produce the second.

If the eggs are viable it should be about 40 days before the centre hears the patter of tiny penguin feet.


Shiver me timbers! Charlie becomes the face of Legoland's pirate adventures

A 32 year-old parrot from North Yorkshire is to become the swashbuckling face of Legoland's Castaway Camp.

Charlie, the blue and gold macaw, saw off competition from three other birds to land the role at Legoland in Windsor in the Castaway Camp, which is part of a new pirate adventure play area:


North Yorkshire parrot fronts Legoland's pirate adventure

Bosses at a major UK tourist attraction are attracting swashbuckling visitors to a pirate camp - by enlisting a pet parrot from North Yorkshire.

Charlie the parrot
Charlie the parrot Credit: Press Association

Charlie the 32-year-old blue and gold macaw saw off competition from three other birds to land the role at Legoland in Windsor in the Castaway Camp, which is part of a new pirate adventure play area.

Charlie's owner Peter Bloom, 55, from Pickering, has had the bird for 30 years since he bought her in Scotland where she was hatched.

Mr Bloom said he believed the macaw was chosen for the role as she can roll over and play dead.

Charlie gives a hand at the checkouts
Charlie gives a hand at the checkouts Credit: Press Association

Lauren Moss from Legoland said: "Picking the perfect parrot for the post was incredibly tough. The resort and this hotel is all about colour, fun, surprises and, of course, making children smile, which any one of these birds could do.

"But Charlie just had that extra touch of piratey mischief and we think she will fit right in when she takes up her special Lego parrot perch next month.

She'll meet and greet guests here in our reception area and we know they will love her."


Lego St Pancras station uses 180,000 bricks

This model of St Pancras railway station in London is made out of 180,000 Lego bricks and took its creator Warren Elsmore, 37, more than 500 hours to build. It is five feet tall and even has details such as a guest in a hotel bath.

St Pancras in Lego
The miniature St Pancras station uses 180,000 Lego pieces Credit: ITV

The St Pancras model is one of 70 models at a Lego exhibition at the Centre for Life in Newcastle, which also features miniature versions of London's Olympic Park and Buckingham Palace - with a tiny Duke and Duchess of Cambridge waving from the balcony.

111-year-old Roker Pier to be resurfaced for first time

Weather, waves and more than a century of work have taken their toll on Roker Pier, in Sunderland, which is now to be resurfaced along its entire length for the first time.

Roker Pier
Roker Pier was called a "triumph of engineering" when it was built Credit: Sunderland City Council

Sunderland City Council said it would apply for planning permission to restore the pier as part of a £1.35m rolling programme, which also saw repair work to the lighthouse.

Last autumn, a large chunk of the concrete surface was torn up by waves. The council said that patches of the pier have been repaired in the past, but it has never all been done at once.

It is not possible to do the work over the winter, so if permission is granted, it would happen over the summer and reopen in November.

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