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Star Wars figures expected to sell for up to £100,000

A Star Wars collection is set to sell for a world record breaking amount in Thornaby later today, Wednesday 28 January.

The sale collection includes the figure of Boba Fett, a bounty hunter hired for Darth Vader in the blockbuster movies, which is thought to be only one of four in the country.

Vectis Auctions, in Thornaby-on-Tees, are auctioning the collection, which is expected to fetch up to £100,000.

The collection will be held over two sales with the initial one held today and the second in February.


Cuppa for the builder? Not likely!

Tea break Credit: ITV News

People in the North East are the least likely in England and Wales to offer workers who've come to their house a cup of tea or coffee.

New research by AA Home Membership suggests the tradition of offering a tea break is dying out. 78% of people under 35 said tradespeople should take responsibility themselves for having enough food and drink to last them throughout the day.

But it may be dependent on age because 59% of people over 65 still think a tradesperson should be rewarded with a warming cuppa for doing a good job. The top spots in the country for workers having a brew made for them are the West Midlands and Wales. Householders there said they had made more than 12 brews for people doing jobs for them in the past two years.

In the North East it was only eight cups and in Yorkshire 10.

  • West Midlands 12.5 cuppas
  • Wales 12 cuppas
  • East Midlands 11.5 cuppas
  • South West 11.5 cuppas
  • South East 11 cuppas
  • Yorkshire and Humberside 10.5 cuppas
  • East of England 9.5 cuppas
  • North West 9.5 cuppas
  • London 9 cuppas
  • North East 8 cuppas
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