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Parrot owner reunited with stolen birds

The second of two stolen parrots has been recovered and returned to its home in Middlesbrough.

The two African grey parrots were stolen from a property on Bransdale Road in Berwick Hills between Thursday 24th and Monday 28th September.

Missy and Snoop Dog back at home Credit: Cleveland Police

The first parrot, Missy, was reunited with her owner on Wednesday 30th September and the second parrot, Snoop Dogg, was returned home today (Friday).

Cleveland Police have thanked everyone who helped with this incident and to everyone who shared the posts via social media, saying it is much appreciated.


Pictures: First seal pup of the year born on Farne Islands

The first seal pup of the year has been born on the Farne Islands off the Northumberland Coast, marking the start of this year’s annual seal count by the Islands’ resident rangers.

The seals only leave the colony when they've moulted their white fur Credit: National Trust
  • Every year over 1,500 pups are born on the islands
  • They have an estimated population of 5,000 seals
  • Rangers spend three months each autumn counting the seals
  • Breedings starts in mid-September and most pups are born in October and November
Mother and child catch the autumn sun Credit: National Trust

A typical day for the rangers involves landing on the seal colonies to monitor the birth of the pups. Once born, they’re sprayed with a harmless dye to indicate the week they are born, which allows the Rangers to keep an accurate count. The job is not as easy as it sounds, as protective mother seals can become aggressive when the rangers get too close.

Credit: National Trust

The public can visit the island - and its seals - by making a short boat trip from Seahouses.

Amputee hamster makes full recovery

Codie Wilkinson with a recovered Beth Credit: PDSA

A hamster which had to have its leg amputated after a freak accident has made a full recover. Tiny Beth had to undergo surgery to remove her leg at the PDSA Sunderland Pet Hospital after a piece of wire got caught around the limb.

Victoria Wilkinson, 38, from Washington, said she had noticed Beth had become withdrawn and uninterested in her food, but wasn’t showing any visible signs of illness.

She said: “Beth wasn’t coming out for her food so we picked her up and, to our horror, we found this piece of wire which seemed to have gone around her foot and up her leg.

“I tried to have a closer look and Beth started to squeal so we took her straight to PDSA.”

PDSA Senior Vet, Lianne O’ Brien, from Sunderland Pet Hospital, said after inspecting the injury the decision was taken to amputate Beth’s foot and part of her leg.

It’s not something we take lightly as it’s high risk to put a small animal like a hamster under anaesthetic, but we realised we had no choice but to amputate. We warned Beth’s owners that it would be a risky operation but thankfully everything went well and Beth has gone on to make a full recovery.

– PDSA Senior Vet, Lianne O’ Brien
Beth and Codie have a close relationship Credit: PDSA

Victoria said that she and her daughter Codie, 13, were extremely grateful to PDSA for the treatment Beth received:

“We were so worried about Beth. It was Codie’s birthday on the same day and she actually postponed her party until the evening as she wanted to make sure her hamster was ok first.

“Beth is doing great now and she can do all the things she used to before the accident and still loves going in her wheel, even with just three legs.”

Victoria said they are still stumped as to how the metal ended up in Beth’s cage, but they think the wire may have been hidden in Beth's bedding.

  • Hamsters belong to the family Cricetidae
  • There are 24 different speciesthat inhabit a variety of habitats and locations.
  • Hamster whiskers vibrate backwards up to 30 times a second
  • Hamsters' teeth never stop growing, and can sharpen themselves

Moth Night: Get involved and start counting

It is Moth Night tonight and you can get involved.

It is very simple, you just need to identify and count the moths you see in your garden tonight.

There are several ways to attract them - find out more here

Silver Y Moth Credit: Sheila Cartwright

Around 40 species of migrating moths have appeared in the UK for the first time in the last 15 years - some travelling from as far as North Africa.

You might also spot a moth marked by researchers which could provide more information about migration. Credit:

Once you have your count completed you can record your findings here.

The count lasts for three nights so if you are not about tonight there is still time to get involved - and let us know how you get on.

Send any pictures to


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Police appeal after sheep discovery in North Yorkshire

Police are appealing to farmers after suspected stolen lambs were found near Thirsk.

Credit: Press Association

About 20 of this year's lambs (six months to a year old) were recovered on 24 August 2015.

Police say they do not appear to have ever been tagged and are of a Texel or Hampshire Down breed or similar.

Anyone who has any information about the lambs, or have had any stolen recently, is asked to contact North Yorkshire Police.

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