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North Tyneside Mayor: Plans for Spanish City are 'very exciting' and should draw new visitors

Plans for the renovation of the Spanish City Dome at Whitley Bay, North Tyneside were revealed this morning.

Kymel Trading Limited has been selected to manage and run the historic Grade II listed building on Whitley Bay’s seafront as part of a £36 million seafront masterplan for Whitley Bay.

The proposals put forward by Kymel Trading Ltd are set to bring at least 75 brand new jobs when the Dome opens to the public, rising to more than 100 once the venue is fully operational.

The jobs boost is expected to bring more than £1million annually into North Tyneside’s economy.

ITV Tyne Tees spoke to the North Tyneside Mayor Norma Redfearn, and asked her what the plans mean for the area.


SSI Steelworkers at EU steel summit demo to 'Save our Steel'

Steelworkers gather in Westminster last month to prevent further job losses in the UK steel industry Credit: PA

Steelworkers affected by the closure of the SSI steel plant in Redcar have travelled to Brussels to urge the business secretary, Sajid Javid and the European Council to take urgent action to stop the dumping of cheap Chinese steel.

Ministers from EU member states are to discuss the challenges faced by the EU steel industry, which has been suffering from falling metal prices, resulting in mass job losses across the country,including 2,000 at the SSI plant in Teesside.

Sajid Javid called for the summit after meeting EU Commissioners last month in Brussels Credit: PA

The meeting comes amid growing pressure on the UK government over its failure to step in to assist the country's crisis hit steel industry, which is being hammered by a flood of subsidised Chinese steel and energy tariffs double that of their European competitors.


SSI: Anna Turley responds to Steelworker Task Force fund

Redcar MP Anna Turley has responded to the latest support package for former SSI steelworkers:

I am pleased this funding has finally arrived from central government after weeks of waiting which has caused frustration and anxiety for many families.

Since the promise of £80 million was made several weeks ago, it has shrunk to £50 million and numerous obstacles to accessing it have been put in our way by Whitehall. I am relieved we can now get on with making sure this support gets to the workers, their families, and the local businesses who need it.

I know the local taskforce have put in a lot of work preparing these support schemes and my focus now will be ensuring it is delivered. With Christmas fast approaching, it is vital steelworkers and their families are not left struggling."

– Anna Turley MP

Council and company to meet over energy plant pause

Stockton Council is due to meet Air Products UK later over the future of its second energy-from-waste plant on Teesside.

Yesterday the firm announced it is pausing construction on TV2 at Seal Sands, with the future of more than 700 workers now uncertain.

We appreciate that this is a very worrying time for all those affected and are meeting with Air Products representatives tomorrow to establish the full facts.

We will work closely with our neighbouring local authorities and other organisations to provide effective and appropriate support to the contractors affected and their families.

The Tees Valley local authorities have a proven track record of working together in situations like this and together we will make sure that support can be easily accessed and identified."

– Councillor Bob Cook, Leader of Stockton-on-Tees Council

TV2 plant: 'the days seem to be getting darker and darker for Teesside'

The MP for Middlesbrough, Andy McDonald, has responded to the decision by Air Products to suspend construction of the second energy from waste project (TV2) at Seal Sands on Teesside.

This is another industrial catastrophe and personal disaster for hundreds of families on Teesside.

The technical problems revealed regarding the TV1 Air Products facility in Stockton that may lead to the ‘pausing’ of construction on the sister plant TV2 are cold comfort to the workforce there.

The days seem to be getting darker and darker for Teesside as another industrial catastrophe erupts.

As I understand it, modifications being made on TV1 may necessitate some modifications for the new TV2 plant. Consequently, development of the TV2 plant is being 'paused.

That it is merely 'paused' is no solace to the 800 workers who's will be laid off directly and among the various contractors involved in TV2 construction works.> With no information as to whether this 'pause' will be weeks or months, workers still have their mortgages and bills to pay with no means of doing so. And this in the run-up to Christmas too.

Hopefully this is a technical issue of short duration.

Then again, ahead of the Paris conference on climate change next month, the Government has the opportunity and must be seen to be sending out the right message about renewable energy sources and the support they need to secure their long term investments.

I will be writing to the Chancellor ahead of the Autumn Statement to remind him of this and to provide help for the important and emerging renewable industries here on Teesside that are vital to ensuring our energy use is sustainable in the future as well combatting the real threat of climate change.

I will also be supporting and working with other local MPs to see what can be done to minimise the impact of the companies decision on Teesside to avoid yet another potential serious blow to jobs and industry not only locally but in the north east.

– Andy McDonald MP
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