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Northern Rock: Part 2 of our special report

Ten years after the collapse of Northern Rock, some investors are still fighting for compensation for their shares.

When the government took control of the struggling bank, customer's life-savings were guaranteed - but shareholders received nothing.

Jonny Blair examines the impact on the lives of former customers and workers:


Northern Rock: Special report 10 years on

It's ten years since panicked customers queued to withdraw their savings from Northern Rock, the first run on a UK bank in more than a century.

The effects of the sudden and shocking collapse of Northern Rock were felt way beyond the North East

Jonny Blair investigates the high stakes of the ultimate financial gamble:

Northern Rock: What went wrong?

Northern Rock wasn't unusual in that it borrowed money from other banks, but it didn't change its strategy when a financial crisis hit the United States.

Jonny Blair explains what went wrong for the Rock:


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