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SSI rescue plan to be put to Business Minister

Business minister Anna Soubry Credit: PA Wire

Proposals to keep the fires burning at SSI's stricken steel works are being put to the Business Minister, Anna Soubry, during her visit to Redcar.

She'll be asked whether the government will support a rescue plan involving an un-named local company that could help keep the plant ticking over until a buyer can be found.

Labour MPs say they have a rescue plan to keep fires burning at SSI. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The Minister is meeting union representatives, a local task force and MPs to see what more can be done after the Thai company mothballed its plant, leaving 1700 workers facing redundancy.

Business Minister to visit SSI 'to support the workforce'

The Business Minister is to visit the troubled SSI Redcar plant this afternoon to support the workforce at this "hugely difficult time".

In a statement ahead of her trip Anna Soubry has said, “I wanted to come to Redcar to continue my discussions with the company, unions and local leaders. It is important we all come together to do whatever we can to support the workforce, they are the priority and that’s why the local task force that I asked to be set up will have a vital role.

“This is a hugely difficult time for the community and I will continue to put all my efforts into making sure the government provides support where we can.”

Credit: PA


Corbyn hoping to travel to SSI steel plant 'very soon'

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said he is hoping to travel to the threatened SSI plant very soon, if time allows.

Mr Corbyn told ITV News Tyne Tees' Political Correspondent Paul Brand, he doesn't "want to make a commitment" that he'll definitely be at the Teesside factory, but that he very much wants to go.

Speaking at the Labour Party conference yesterday, Mr Corbyn made a plea to David Cameron to 'step in' to save jobs at SSI and support the steel industry.

The iron and steelworks at SSI in Redcar are being mothballed as its owners have said it had no other choice.

Shadow Chancellor to visit threatened SSI steel plant

The Shadow Chancellor will visit the SSI steel plant, which is set to close with the loss of up to 1,700 jobs.

John McDonnell told ITV News Tyne Tees' Political Correspondent Paul Brand, he would be making a trip up to Redcar "on Monday if not before".

He has said he plans to put "maximum pressure" on the Government to do more to help the stricken plant:

The factory is being shut down after Thai owner SSI said it had no other choice because of plummeting steel prices.

Corbyn: The Prime Minister 'must step in' and save SSI jobs

Jeremy Corbyn has attacked the Government's "failure" to intervene to save jobs at the Redcar steel plant, urging the Prime Minister to step in, as other governments have.

The Labour leader told the party's annual conference in Brighton that he stood with the people of Teesside, which is reeling from plant owner SSI's decision to mothball iron and steelmaking operations with the loss of 1,700 jobs.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn making his keynote speech during the third day of the Labour Party conference in Brighton Credit: PA

Mr Corbyn said the Tories' economic policy worked for the few, not the many, while manufacturing continued to decline.

Look at the Tory failure to intervene to support the steel industry, as the Italian government has done. We stand with the people of Teesside, fighting for their jobs, their industry and their community. I call on David Cameron, even at this late stage, to step in and defend these people, just like the Italian government has done."

– Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Leader

Thai company SSI has blamed plunging steel prices for the job losses, which unions warned would deal a "devastating" blow to Teesside and the wider economy.

As well as the 1,700 direct job cuts, thousands of contractors and other workers depend on the Redcar site, where consultations on the redundancies started today.

The Government has set up a taskforce aimed at helping those who will lose their jobs.

WATCH: Everything you need to know about the SSI crisis

Ten days after production was paused at Redcar's steelworks, the fears of thousands of workers were realised when its owner SSI announced the iron and steelworks are to be mothballed.

1,700 staff will lose their jobs and it's estimated 6,000 more could be directly affected through the supply chain and use of contractors.

Watch our special reports from Redcar looking at the impact the decision could have on SSI workers and the town:

Have you or your family been affected? Please get in touch by emailing or tweeting @itvtynetees.


Petition to save SSI Redcar plant tops 13,000 signatures

A petition to help Teesside steelmaking alive now has more than 13,000 signatures.

The online campaign has posted a plea for more people to back them because "without steelmaking, Teesside as a whole will become a ghost town".

Credit: PA

The thai-owned firm SSI has said it had no option but to mothball facilities at its Redcar site on Teesside following a slump in the price of steel this year.

Redcar MP pushes the 'defiant' roar from Teesside forward

The MP for Redcar has shown her support for 1,700 steel workers set to lose their jobs in the region as she spoke at the Labour party conference.

Anna Turley wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Save Our Steel" and vowed to "do everything she can" to drum up support from the unions and government to help those affected.

Will you be affected by the mothballing of SSI's iron and steelworks? Please get in touch - email or tweet @itvtynetees.

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