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50 jobs created at M&S store in Newcastle

Shoppers in the Newcastle store will now also be greeted by store hosts Credit: PA Wire

50 jobs have been created at M&S in Newcastle as part of a store revamp.

The changes in the store followed a survey of over 250,000 customers nationwide to find out how they they like to shop. As a result, M&S has introduced new team members and in-store improvements across the UK to improve the customer experience.

As part of these changes, the store in Newcastle has created 50 new jobs in the area. The new roles are all focused on serving customers.

Shoppers in the beauty, footwear and men’s suit departments will now also be greeted by store hosts that are dedicated to welcoming and assisting customers at all times.

Refurbishments are also taking place within the fitting rooms and toilets and the womenswear department has also unveiled a new look.

“The changes we’ve made in-store are from direct customer feedback as to how they’d like to shop. Bringing in new colleagues and improving the way shoppers can navigate the store has given us the ability to be able to offer a personal touch to our service – the store hosts in particular have been a really successful addition to the team.

“The customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we’re thrilled to create a shopping experience that does just that.”

– Nikki Mckidd, Store Manager at M&S Newcastle
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