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Fighting food waste in Newcastle

A cafe that uses only food which would otherwise have been thrown away, because it is either past its sell by date or bruised or misshapen, is being set up on Tyneside.

Food campaigner Duncan Fairbrother collects the produce from places like the Grainger Market in Newcastle. He then serves it up with the help of dozens of volunteers, in a pop-up cafe where customers pay what they want for it, as Derek Proud reports:


Investigations after suspected hate crime in takeaway restaurant

CCTV image of man police believe may have information Credit: Northumbria Police

Police are investigating after a man allegedly racially abused staff and threw a chair across the counter at a Southern Fried Chicken restaurant, in Washington.

Officers have released an image of a man they would like to speak to. It's thought he was in the restaurant on Victoria Road at the time of the offence on Tuesday evening and may have information that can help.

City Council rejects bid for Hooters in Newcastle

Plans for a Hooters in Newcastle have been turned down by the city council.

The chain says its 'Hooters Girls' are a 'globally recognised icon'. Credit: Hooters US

The US chain - famous for its attractive and scantily-clad waiting staff - wanted to open a restaurant in the City Quadrant in Newcastle city centre.

It said there was a "common misconception" about the nature of its restaurants, which it said were aimed at families and were not bars.

The application said its style of operation was "no different to that of many similar operators throughout the UK" and that its waitresses "dress in a similar fashion to waitresses at other units in the city centre."

Several officers from Northumbria Police had objected to the application, saying it would attract more stag and hen parties, which they said could lead to a rise in crime.

Newcastle City Council's licensing sub-committee met this morning to consider the application.

A spokesman said: "The licensing sub-committee has today rejected Hooters’ application for a premises licence as it undermines the licensing objectives within the Licensing Act – namely crime and disorder, public nuisance and public safety."

Hooters has 21 days to appeal the decision.

The only Hooters restaurant in the UK is in Nottingham. Credit: PA


North East dairy farmers take to the street

Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Dairy farmers in the North East will be swapping their milk parlours for the pavement today as they head into Middlesbrough Town centre to convince shoppers to support local milk producers.

The decision to take to the streets comes after months of price cuts as the National Farmers Union claims more than 60 dairy farmers in the region have been forced to sell their cows and close their parlours.

Retailers say thatthey’re already sourcing the vast majority of goods in the UK.

Changing the brown in Newcastle Brown Ale

The ingredients that makes Newcastle Brown Ale brown is changing Credit: David Cheskin/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The way that Newcastle Brown Ale gets its distinctive colour is to change.

Heineken, the company that brews the world famous beer, says it is in the process of changing the recipe due to concerns over the current ingredients.

Caramel colouring is currently used to give the ale its iconic brown appearance.

Heineken says that after listening to consumer concerns, particularly in the USA, it decided to review their recipe.

Roasted malts will now be used to achieve the colour and flavour of Newcastle Brown Ale in the UK and USA.

"Caramel colouring is found in many of the food and beverage products that we all enjoy, including many beers, and is permitted by recognised food standards bodies.

"The amount used in Newcastle Brown Ale is comfortably within the recommended levels set by these bodies.

"However, we listened to consumer concerns that have been expressed, particularly in the USA, and chose to review our recipe.

"We will now achieve the distinctive colouring and flavour of Newcastle Brown Ale, that our consumers enjoy, by using roasted malts instead."

– Heineken
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