SAFC charity rewards children for courses

Some of the thousands of people who take part each year in courses run by the Foundation of Light attended an award ceremony at the stadium.

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Teesside University to spend £6m on 'futuristic' building

Teesside university plans
Plans for the new building Credit: Teesside University

Teesside University is to spend £6m on its science and engineering department, which it says will make the building "futuristic".

Money will be spent upgrading its laboratories. Among the new equipment will be a flight simulator for aerospace engineering students.

New equipment
Plans include a flight simulator for aerospace engineering students Credit: Teesside University


North East increases share of A and A-star grades

Tens of thousands of the region's students celebrated after collecting their A-Level results. The North East saw an increase in its share of A and A-star grades compared to the rest of the country.

And for those who missed out on their target grades, there are 30,000 more places in further education this year, with some universities even offering cash incentives.

Dan Ashby reports.

A-levels: North East students celebrate success

The percentage of students in the North East of England achieving the top grades stayed the same in 2014, despite a fall elsewhere across the country.

And for those who did not quite make their grades, the chance of them winning a place at university could not be better - because there are an extra 30,000 places available this year.

Dan Ashby reports from Newcastle Sixth Form College.

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North East: Rise in A* A-level grades but pass rate falls

Figures for the North East of England show the proportion of pupils achieving A* grades has risen in 2014, while the overall pass rate fell slightly.

  • 98.4% of pupils passed with at least an E grade - down from 98.5% in 2013
  • 91.3% achieved a D grade or above - down from 91.8% in 2013
  • The percentage of pupils achieving a C grade or above stayed exactly the same, at 74.8%
  • The proportion achieving a B or higher went up to 48.3% from 48.2%
  • The number scoring an A or above dropped to 21.9% from 22%
  • And at the top end of the spectrum, the number of pupils achieving an A* went up to 6.6%, from 6.1% in 2013

The figures for the North East are from the Joint Council for Qualifications.

Students celebrating A-level success
The proportion of the highest A-level grades rose slightly in the North East Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA

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