Sope Peters: accidental death verdict

An inquest into the death of Sope Peters, who died after falling into a river on a night out, has recorded a verdict of accidental death.

MTV to 'pimp up' university ball

Teesside University is to have its summer ball ‘pimped up’ by MTV. It clinched the prize after 'tweeting' two millions times.

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'Mysterious' egg found at Newton Aycliffe school

The mysterious egg

There was quite an Easter surprise for pupils at Sugar Hill Primary School in Newton Aycliffe.

Children arrived at school to find a large egg on site. An emergency assembly was called and police were on hand to help them investigate.

To work out the origin of the egg, the children will be carrying out reading and writing activities. It's all part of Literacy Week and teachers are using the egg to engage the pupils.

WW1: Families remember Hartlepool bombardment

At 8 a.m. on December 16th 1914 three German battlecruisers opened fire on the town of Hartlepoool.

One hundred and twenty seven people were killed. The youngest was just two years old.

In Kenny Toal's special report he speaks to surviving relatives who recount the terror of the first enemy action on British soil during the Great War and its legacy on our region.


Ancient skeleton had artery disease

Artery disease has been affecting human health for at least 3,000 years, new research from Durham University says.

Ancient African skeletons have been discovered with atherosclerosis - a thickening of the artery wall due to a fatty build up.

And while doctors today blame modern lifestyles as the cause of artery problems, the research shows it was common about farming communities who worked close to the Nile, which is now the Sudan.

The study has been published in the International Journal of Palaeopathology

It forms part of a British Museum archaeological project.


North America tour for Sunderland University lecturer

Alex Lockwood, University of Sunderland Senior Lecturer in Journalism

A Sunderland University lecturer will be travelling to North America to work for an international Trust.

Senior Lecturer in Journalism, Alex Lockwood, has been awarded a Travelling Fellowship for the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and will leave the UK in June for two months speaking throughout Canada and America.

Mr Lockwood will be swapping the classroom to speak at aquariums and whale museums in a series of 12 talks in cities such as Vancouver, Seattle and Los Angeles. He said: “This is a really fantastic, life-changing opportunity to further my experience as a writer and researcher."

Newcastle-born professor wins freedom of city

Professor Peter Higgs Credit: PA Wire

Newcastle-born scientist Professor Peter Higgs will receive the Freedom of the City of Newcastle today.

The Nobel Prize winner will attend a special ceremony at the civic centre this afternoon, where a plaque will be unveiled in his honour.

Prof Higgs was first to predict the existence of what became known as the Higgs boson particle..

He was born in Elswick in Newcastle in 1929 and spent his early life in the city.

He has gone on to become one of the world's most famous scientists and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics late last year.

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