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100 people tested for ebola so far in UK - all negative

So far, about 100 people have been tested for ebola within the UK, according to Public Health England. All have been negative.

Currently two children are being tested for the virus and for malaria in a hospital in Newcastle. Read more by clicking this link.

The ebola virus, from the NHS UK website. Credit: NHS

The NHS has issued these guidelines for anyone concerned they may be showing symptoms, who has recently returned from Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone.

  • A person infected with Ebola virus will typically develop a fever, headache, joint and muscle pain, a sore throat, and intense muscle weakness.
  • These symptoms start suddenly, between two and 21 days after becoming infected.
  • Anyone concerned should stay at home and ring 111 or 999 for help rather than turning up at a medical centre unannounced.

Children tested for Ebola in Newcastle

Two children are currently being tested for the Ebola virus are in the infectious diseases unit at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.

The RVI in Newcastle is one of only three centres outside London equipped to handle ebola cases

It is not known yet where in Africa the children are from or how recently they arrived in the UK. They are also being tested for malaria.

Public Health England said it was "unlikely" that the children would test positive for Ebola, although results would take 24 hours.

A spokesman would not confirm the age or gender of the children but described them as young children, rather than teenagers.

The hospital is one of three centres outside London able to treat cases of Ebola - none of the others are within the North East region.

Health body confirms children being tested for ebola

Public Health England has confirmed that two children are being tested for the ebola virus in a North East hospital.

They are believed to have recently arrived from Africa, although the authority was not sure which country.

It said it was 'unlikely' the children would test positive for ebola although test results would not be available for 24 hours.

"Due to uncertainty about where in Africa the children are from and when they arrived in the UK, as a precaution the children are being tested for both malaria and ebola.

"However, the clinical and Public Health England risk assessment is that ebola is unlikely.

"People who have been in contact with the children should continue as normal."

– Public Health England

Two children in North East being tested for ebola virus

Two children are in hospital in the North East of England being tested for ebola.

They are believed to have recently arrived in the UK from Africa, although Public Health England said there was uncertainty about which country they had been in and how recently they had been there.

The authority said it was 'unlikely' the children had ebola and they were also being tested for malaria.

Tests take 24 hours so there is not expected to be any update until Friday afternoon.


Newcastle City Council leader launches savage attack on Government

It is his strongest attack on the Government so far: the leader of Newcastle City Council has told Tyne Tees that the Government is creating all the same conditions here as those that led to the rise of fascism in 1930s Germany.

Nick Forbes said that the Government has successfully turned the poor against the very poor, and is getting rid of local council services that may offer relief.

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