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Wearside woman gives cancer survivor chance to start family

Victoria Eames and Jenah Colledge

A cancer survivor who feared she would never have children after surgery for cervical cancer has been given the chance to start a family thanks to her best friend from Wearside.

Victoria Eames always dreamed of becoming a mum, but had to have her womb removed to stop the cancer spreading.

Best friend Jenah Colledge from Sunderland came forward and said she would act as a surrogate for Victoria and her partner James.

Victoria was given the all-clear by doctors and will have check-ups every three months. Doctors have asked the friends to wait for a year before trying for the baby so they can check the cancer has not returned.

My world fell apart - I wanted the fairy tale. I have an amazing partner and it was the next step. When I found out I couldn't have children I apologised to him. It was hard.

– Victoria Eames

Police issue warning after drug incident in Middlesbrough

Six people were hospitalised after taking MDMA at Medicine Bar in Middlesbrough Credit: ITV

Police are warning young people of the dangers of taking MDMA tablets after six people were taken to hospital in Middlesbrough.

Those affected are believed to have taken the drug, which is a strong form of ecstasy, during a function at Medicine Bar in the city last night.

Officers from Cleveland Police say young people and parents should be aware of the harm these tablets pose.


Six hospitalised after taking ecstasy in Middlesbrough

MDMA (ecstasy) tablets marked with a 'UPS' logo Credit: Cleveland Police

Six people have been taken to hospital after taking a high strength form of ecstasy in Middlesbrough.

The young people had been attending a function at the Medicine Bar in Middlesbrough last night. All six were later hospitalised after suffering from the effects of taking MDMA tablets marked with a 'UPS' logo.

Police are warning that this type of tablet can prove dangerous and is potentially life-threatening.

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Clarke's wife: 'Don't dare leave me a widow'

Clarke and his wife Gemma Credit: PA Images

The wife of former Burnley skipper Clarke Carlisle has told how she pleaded with her husband not to die following a suicide bid.

In an interview with the The Sun Gemma said: 'Nothing could prepare me for what I saw. There was so much blood. It was everywhere. His face was twice the size. His eyes were bulging out and they were filled with blood.'

It comes a day after Clarke revealed he intentionally leapt out in front of a lorry days before Christmas as he battled depression.

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Clarke Carlisle: "I leapt in front of lorry hoping to die"

Clarke Carlisle details his suicide attempt in North Yorkshire Credit: PA

Former Leeds United player Clarke Carlisle has revealed he tried to take his own life by jumping in front of a lorry in North Yorkshire before Christmas.

The former England star told The Sun he thought he was better off dead after losing his TV pundit job and battling depression for 18 months.

He said the final straw came in December 20 when he was charged with drink driving.

Clarke Carlisle talks of his treatment in Leeds Royal Infirmary Credit: PA

Before he leapt in front of a lorry on the A64, Clarke told the newspaper he thought about trying to drown himself and even laid down on a railway line but moved out of the way before a train came.

Describing what happened next, he said: "I saw the big truck. I stepped over the barrier. I took two steps into the road and then jumped into the truck, like a full shoulder charge. I can remember the impact. Bang. Then lights out.

"I opened my eyes and I could see my hands in front of me and there's blood dripping down them. I thought, 'You're kidding me?'"

Clarke was airlifted to hospital after escaping with just a few cuts and bruises, a broken rib and a shattered knee.

The footballer has since sought treatment for his depression and has spoken out to encourage others to get help.

He added: "My road to recovery will be eternal but today I am excited and confident because I've finally been diagnosed."

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article, you can call Samaritans 08457 90 90 90 or visit the website

Clarke Carlisle's wife urges sufferers to 'speak out'

Clarke Carlisle's wife has appealed to anyone suffering from depression to 'reach out' - she has also retweeted a series of other people's tweets about the illness. Her husband has spoken out for the first time about his struggle.

Woman who lost seven children "overwhelmed" after MPs vote in favour of 'three parent' babies

A woman who lost seven children to a rare genetic disease says that she is "overwhelmed" after MPs voted in favour of 'three-parent' babies.

Sharon Bernardi has been campaigning for the vote for five years and she says her children's deaths would have been prevented through the controversial IVF technique.

However, there are concerns that the research behind the technique is unknown and could interfere with the genetic code. Andrea Williams from Christian Concern claims the method is "premature".

Britain has become the first country to allow the creation of babies with DNA from three different people after MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of new legislation.

It involves making a baby with three biologocal parents - with the aim of eliminating particular life-threatening diseases.

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