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Family doctors to open longer and be more flexible

GP surgeries could open for longer, with more flexible hours and consultations over the phone and on the internet, if a pilot scheme is successful.

Selected surgeries in Whitby and Darlington are among the 1147 taking part. Some doctors said the changes do not address the core problems, but the government insists it will help doctors and patients.


Family doctors to try longer opening hours

GP surgeries in Whitby and Darlington are among 1147 across the UK, experimenting with longer hours from today.

They will also focus on care for older people and offer consultations over the phone and the internet.

GP surgeries, including some in Whitby and Darlington, will try the pilot project Credit: Hugh Macknight/PA

Some doctors welcome the changes, while others say they do not address the core problems. The government insists it will help doctors and patients.

Tony 'The Fridge' abandons challenge after 52 miles

Tony Phoenix-Morrison, the fundraiser who carries a 42kg fridge, has been forced to abandon his latest challenge - which he had said would be his last - because of sickness.

Tony, known as 'The Fridge', was trying to run four marathons within 24 hours, starting with the London Marathon.

However, he has suffered sunstroke and sickness overnight, including fainting. He called the race off after his second marathon.

I don't care about records of challenges. I started this to raise thousands of pounds for charity, which I have. I had a magnificent reception from the Londoners and that is what counts. What will be, will be.

– Tony 'The Fridge' Phoenix-Morrison


Gary Parkinson in Burnley to see Middlesbrough win

Gary Parkinson was guest of honour

Former Middlesbrough player, Gary Parkinson, received an emotional welcome from fans when he returned to his former club at Turf Moor.

Gary, who has locked-in syndrome, was guest of honour when Middlesbrough beat Burnley 1-0.

He suffered a stroke in 2010 which left him unable to move or speak.

He was given a standing ovation when he appeared at pitch-side.

Twitter support for Tony the Fridge

As Tony the Fridge attempts to complete the challenge of four marathons in 24 hours, his supporters are tweeting him messages of good luck.


While you were sleeping, @tony_the_fridge was running another Marathon in London. Give him your support (and a good breakfast)


Sending love & support to @tony_the_fridge - in midst of running 4 London Marathons in 24hrs for Cancer Research.

Tony the Fridge is still going!


Thanks everybody for all the lovely messages, I'm exhausted and emotional but I'm still going because you x

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