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NHS Cyber attack: Northumbria and York Trusts face weekend without computer systems

NHS organisations were affected by the cyber attack on Friday afternoon Credit: PA

Northumbria NHS Trust and York District Hospital continue to be affected by the cyber attack that has hit hospitals across the country.

On Friday the health service's cyber security was hit by a ransomware attack using malaware called "Wanna Decryptor". Northumbria NHS Trust and York District Hospital's main electronic systems remain compromised. Patients have been told to not attend A and E unless absolutely necessary.

At York District hospital weekend breast screening clinics and a number of elective operations have been cancelled.

Contingency plans to use paper based systems have been activated.

Both Trusts say that all critical systems are operational and that patient safety remains their priority.



NHS cyber attack: North East hospitals hit

A number of hospitals across England have been affected. Credit: PA

Northumbria NHS Trust in Cramlington has reported it has been affected by a major cyber attack affecting hospitals across England. It has implemented business continuity procedure.

York District Hospital has also been affected.

NHS Digital, which is responsible for the health service's cyber security, says computer systems are believed to have been hit by a ransomware cyber attack using malware called "Wanna Decryptor".

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