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Campaign to prevent type 2 diabetes

A campaign to prevent people from developing type 2 diabetes is to start across County Durham.

It is one of seven areas in the country chosen to tackle the disease by encouraging weight loss and healthy eating.

The head of NHS England announced the new programme at a conference earlier today.

RVI on standby to receive possible Ebola patients

The RVI in Newcastle is one of only three centres outside London equipped to handle ebola cases

The RVI in Newcastle is on standby to receive two military workers being screened for Ebola in Sierra Leone should they test positive.

One British military worker has already been confirmed to have Ebola and is being flown back to the UK along with two of her colleagues who are due to undergo tests at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

A spokesman for Public Health England said: "The Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle is standing by, ready to receive the patients if necessary.

"If a decision is made to transport them to the UK for further assessment, they will be taken to Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, in line with Ebola response plans."

If the patients are transferred to the North East hospital, they will be the first confirmed Ebola cases to do so.

Two young children were tested for the disease in Newcastle in November last year.

There have been more than 24,000 cases of Ebola world wide since the outbreak started more than a year ago and nearly 10,000 people have died.


Newcastle University pioneers DNA profiling treatment

The medical technique has been pioneered by scientists at Newcastle University. Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

A new medical technique which uses a patient's DNA to diagnose rare conditions has been used for the first time in the UK.

The technique has been developed at Newcastle University and uses an individual's genetic blueprint to enable doctors to personalise medical care.

Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt will meet with medical experts at Newcastle's Centre for Life where the research was carried out.


Women who have experienced Female Genital Mutilation urged to come forward

Women in the North East, who've experienced female genital mutilation, are being urged to come forward and report their experiences.

No one in the UK has been convicted over the practice, which is illegal.

Now, the Crown Prosecution Service in our region says it wants victims to know they will be taken seriously.

North East leaders unite to back vision to reduce smoking

Credit: PA

Plans to cut smoking rates to 5% across the North East by 2025 have been backed by health and local government leaders.

According to North East smoking charity, Fresh,the vision to reduce smoking rates to 5% by 2025 would have a profound impact on the region's NHS and economy - freeing-up around £50 million for the NHS and significantly easing the strain on hospital admissions and GP surgeries, as well as slashing the cost of smoking on local businesses.

Based on the estimated 2025 population, if just 5% of people smoked in the North East it would reduce the annual cost to the region from £158m to £58m.

Lisa Surtees, Acting Director of Fresh, said:

While we still see devastation of people's health from smoking, we have a duty to do all that we can to protect future generations from the harm of tobacco by making it a thing of the past.

"This is an ambitious goal, but it is the right one. There are very few families in our region who have not seen someone they love suffer as a result of smoking. We do not want children in theNorth East growing up seeing smoking and the diseases caused by tobacco as a normal part of life.

We have made good progress over the past decade, but smoking is still by far our biggest killer. Although we have along way to go, uniting partners in this forward-thinking vision will help us to realise the end goal of making smoking history for our children.

– Lisa Surtees, Acting Director of Fresh

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust launch new weight management programme

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust has launched a new weight management programme, which will support its weight loss surgery based at Darlington Memorial Hospital.

The service will provide access to nutritionists, psychologists and physicians and will be used for patients who do not wish to try surgery or those in preparation for surgery.

Dr Paul Peter, a Consultant Bariatric Physician says:

Not everyone is able to have weight loss surgery and indeed not everyone wants to have it. What we can now offer is a medical management programme to complement our surgical service and provide access to different support and expert advice.

We provide a full range of options to help patients manage their weight issues appropriately. As part of the service patients will be seen by physicians for support in dealing with co-morbidities such diabetes and hypertension, for the first 12 weeks of the programme there is weekly support from our nutritionists and dieticians which then continued fortnightly to help educate patients about the right kind of diet to follow.

– Dr Paul Peter, Consultant Bariatric Physician
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