The last shift at Camp Bastion Hospital

The medics taking the ‘last shift’ at Britain’s military hospital in Afghanistan before its closure have been passed fit for duty in York.

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Easter warning to dog owners

Dogs should not be given chocolate Credit: ITV
A warning not to give Easter treats to your dog. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

An animal charity is reminding pet owners not to give their dogs chocolate over Easter, or at any other time, because it can kill them.

The PDSA surveyed thousands of pet owners. In the North East, more than a fifth owned up to feeding their dogs the treat.


"Is money more important than human life?"

An independent councillor opposing the closure of care homes in County Durham asked whether the decision meant that money was being put before human life.

Councillor Anita Savory addressed the council cabinet as it voted unanimously to close five care homes, at Stanhope, Belmont, Ferryhill, Peterlee and Chester-le-Street.

"If it's fair and just to remove residents out of Weardale, where they have lived all their lives, to a place that's completely alien to them, where they could be alone, insecure and frightened, how can closing this service, which is vital to Weardale be deemed acceptable?

"Is money more important than human life?"

– Councillor Anita Savory

Decision to close care homes taken "with heavy heart"

Durham County Council's cabinet supported the closure of the authority's five remaining care homes "with a heavy heart", according to its Vice Chair Councillor Alan Napier.

"We are trying to deliver services to the best of our ability but facing savage cuts. We did not expect to be making these decisions, not just about care homes, but about libraries and sports centres too. It is with a very heavy heart that I support this closure."

– Councillor Alan Napier

Councillors vote unanimously to close care homes

A cabinet meeting at Durham County Council has voted unanimously to close the five care homes, which remain in its control: at Stanhope, Belmont, Ferryhill, Peterlee and Chester-le-Street.

Mendip House is one of the care homes, which will now close

Councillor Alan Napier, the Vice Chair, said the decision was taken with "a heavy heart" but was necessary in the face of "savage" cuts. However independent Councillor Anita Savory asked if the decision meant money was more important than human life.

Final decision on closure of County Durham care homes

Councillors will take a final decision on the future of five care homes in County Durham at a cabinet meeting later.

Mendip House is one of the care homes under threat

The homes in Stanhope, Belmont, Ferryhill, Peterlee and Chester-le-Street are likely to close, to save money. Campaigners have said the stress of moving elderly residents could cost lives.


Deaf woman hears live music for the first time

A woman whose emotional reaction to hearing sound for the first time was filmed and posted on the internet has been to see her first live concert.

Watch: the moment deaf woman Joanne Milne hears for the first time

Joanne Milne had been profoundly deaf since birth, until cochlear implants gave her hearing. She took ITV News Tyne Tees cameras with her to the Sage Gateshead, for a special performance of Stabat Mater by a baroque orchestra called The English Concert.

Family doctors to open longer and be more flexible

GP surgeries could open for longer, with more flexible hours and consultations over the phone and on the internet, if a pilot scheme is successful.

Selected surgeries in Whitby and Darlington are among the 1147 taking part. Some doctors said the changes do not address the core problems, but the government insists it will help doctors and patients.

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