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Council warn of increase in scarlet fever

Medical professionals in York are warning residents of an increase in cases of scarlet fever.

Symptoms include a high temperature
Symptoms include a high temperature Credit: Press Association

City of York Council is urging parents to look out for the symptoms of scarlet fever after Public Health England (PHE) has reported widespread increases of the disease.

A total of 868 notifications have been received in England in the last four weeks compared to 591 for the equivalent period last year.

Scarlet fever is mainly a childhood disease with around 90% of cases occurring in children under 10.

It is most common in children between the ages of two and eight, with four year olds most likely to develop the illness. Adults of all ages can also catch scarlet fever, but the diesease is much less common in adults.

*Symptoms include: *

Sore throat, headache, fever, nausea and vomiting

White coating on the tongue, which peels a few days later leaving the tongue looking red and swollen

Swollen glands in the neck

Fever over 38.3C or higher is common


Exploding E-cigarette rockets towards barmaid

CCTV has captured the moment a barmaid narrowly escaped an E-cigarette explosion.

The electronic cigarette exploded in a packed Richmond pub and launched itself towards barmaid Laura Baty.

It's thought the fault was because of the charger used.

A spokeswoman for the manufacturer of the battery said: "We provide clear information on websites and in electronic cigarette starter kits that explain how our batteries should be charged and cared for.

"We cannot comment on the circumstance of this particular instance or make any comment on the provenance of this battery. However, it does not appear that a dedicated electronic cigarette charger was used.

"A number of independent organisations, including the fire service, have reiterated warnings that charging lithium batteries incorrectly and failing to take necessary care of these devices can lead to catastrophic failure."


Charity ride to remember friend

Next to Sir Bobby Robson statue part way through charity bike ride Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Friends of a former Northumberland footballer who died from motor neurone disease are riding from Sunderland to Blyth to raise money for charity.

Scott Bell played with the non league side Blyth Spartans.

On route from the Stadium of Light to Blyth, the group paid a visit to St James' Park.

Charity ride in memory of Northumberland footballer

Former Blyth Spartans footballer, Scott Bell

A group is cycling from Sunderland to Blyth this morning, in memory of a former amateur footballer who died from motor neurone disease.

Scott Bell died last October at the age of thirty five. Scott had played for the non-league side Blyth Spartans.

Today, his friends and supporters are cycling from the Stadium of Light to Blyth Spartans' ground Croft Park, via St James' Park.

Scott was a huge Manchester United fan; the ride has been timed to coincide with Newcastle United's home game against David Moyes' side.

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