£60k donation to Newcastle food bank

West End Food Bank has been given a £60,000 to buy a van and secure services for 2015. The donation was made by Springfield House Trust.

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Murder post office up for auction

Melsonby Post Office Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The post office in a North Yorkshire village where a woman was killed has is to go up for sale at auction.

Postmistress Diana Garbutt was murdered by her husband as she slept at their home in Melsonby in March 2010.

Murdered postmistress Diana Garbutt Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Robin Garbutt was jailed for life for what a judge called the "brutal, planned, cold-blooded murder" of his 40-year-old wife.

The three-bedroomed property has been left empty since the murder, but will now be auctioned off at York Racecourse at the end of the month. The estate agents have specified in the advert that a crime took place there, but do not go into further detail.


York Council "will refund" £1.8m fines raised by Lendal Bridge

York Council are to refund more than £1.8m in fines in a dramatic u-turn over the long-running Lendal Bridge saga.

In August, the bridge was closed to traffic - and has earned the Council more than £1.8m in fines from cars which breached the ban - which only allowed buses and taxis to cross.

Lendal Bridge in York

But the Labour leadership have said today they will refund all the fines levied against motorists.


Bid to reconsider school transport charges defeated

Parents protested outside County Hall in Morpeth Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

Dozens of parents protested outside County Hall in Morpeth, over plans to charge over-16s for school transport in Northumberland.

From September, most students between 16 and 18 years old will be charged £600 to use school buses, and will fund their own public transport costs.

The demonstration took place before an extraordinary meeting of the council. It debated a motion put forward by the Conservative group leader, Cllr Peter Jackson.

It called for the change to be suspended and for more consultations with parents.

The motion was narrowly defeated by 34 votes to 30.

Feelings ran high outside County Hall Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

The Labour controlled authority says the council must reduce a £3.3m bill for post-16 transport.

Council leader, Cllr Grant Davey said:

"In difficult times, we need to be focusing our resources on those who are in greatest need.

We've listened carefully to what the public have had to say, not just today but throughout the consultation period, but the bottom line is we have to balance our budget."

The Labour group said the cost of arranging today's extraordinary meeting came to £80,000; a figure disputed by others.

The Conservative group leader, Cllr Peter Jackson said:

"I think people had to have their say. People have got a democratic right and right across Northumberland, families and young people are struggling with this new six hundred pound, effectively, tax to go to school.

They had to be heard and their concerns had to be heard and addressed and I think it was the right thing to do."


Picketers dress in Victorian costume in Sunderland

Picketers in Sunderland Credit: ITV
Unison say the Government is 'hanging public sector workers out to dry' Credit: ITV

Picketers at Sunderland Civic Centre are dressed in Victorian costume. They say their members are having to take on several jobs and still need help from food banks. The costume represents a return to the era of the work house.

The picket line Credit: ITV

A washing line with photos of public sector workers pegged to it was strung across the civic centre court yard to represent workers being 'hung out to dry' by the Government.

Picketers at Sunderland Civic Centre dressed in Victorian costume Credit: ITV

Archbishop of York says Living Wage is a moral issue

Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, has called for the government to pay all its employees, including care workers, the so-called living wage. He called for the number of low-paid workers to be cut by one million by 2020.

The living wage is currently calculated a £7.65 per hour, outside London. Dr Sentamu said it would be morally justified and could make financial sense for the country.

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