North Yorkshire Police u-turn on new HQ

North Yorkshire Police say that a u-turn on proposals to build new headquarters near Thirsk will save the tax-payer millions of pounds.

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Rail travel 'out of the reach of ordinary people'

Rail travel is being pushed "out the reach of some ordinary people" by fare increases, the head of a public transport advocacy group said.

Stephen Joseph, executive director of the Campaign for Better Transport, told Good Morning Britain that Government-dictated ticket price hikes mean rail fares are rising four times faster than wages.

Commuters will find out how much rail fares are likely to rise by next year when the Retail Price Index (RPI) for last month is released today.

The annual increase is capped at July's RPI plus 1%, with an extra 2% added to some tickets.


Rail fare rise a 'kick in the teeth' for passengers

The RMT union, which campaigns for the railways to return to public ownership, has said that next year's fare rise is a "kick in the teeth" for rail passengers.

With the “flex” rule passengers are facing fare increases of up to 5.5% at a time when wages are stagnating. People will simply be priced off the railways while the greedy train operating companies are laughing all the way to the bank. This is a kick in the teeth for the millions of British people who use our trains ... With Northern Rail already axing off-peak tickets, with others set to follow, we are once again ratcheting up the highest rail fares in Europe to travel on some of the most clapped-out and overcrowded services ...

– Mick Cash, RMT Acting General Secretary


45,000 families in the North East 'hit by problem debt'

Tens of thousands of children in the North East have been hit by a family debt crisis, according to figures released today.

Tens of thousands of children in the North East are hit by a family debt crisis, the charities claim.
Tens of thousands of children in the North East are hit by a family debt crisis, the charities claim. Credit: PA Wire

The Children's Society and the StepChange Debt Charity found 45,000 families in the region - 14% of the total - are failing to keep up with household bills and loan repayments.

This would mean an estimated 75,000 children in the North East are growing up in families troubled by problem debt.

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