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Northumbria PCC calls for clearer voting instructions after thousands of spoiled ballots

Vera Baird has been elected for a second term Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

Northumbria's newly re-elected Police and Crime Commissioner is calling for clearer instructions to help people vote in future PCC elections.

There were more than 8,000 spoiled ballot papers across the force area.

PCCs are elected using the Supplementary Vote system, in cases where there are more than two candidates standing. This allows people to vote for a first and second choice.

Vera Baird says she is 'concerned' that people have have been confused by the ballot paper and intends to raise the issue at a higher level.

"I'm very concerned because clearly you spend months and weeks and days trying to persuade people to go out, that this is worth voting for and that democracy is a good thing, and then, they do their best but the instructions, they don't seem to have found clear enough.

So we'll make some representations, (to discover) if it can be made plainer next time."

– Vera Baird, Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner

Second preferences to be counted for North Yorkshire PCC

Second preference votes are being counted for the North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.


Vera Baird re-elected as Northumbria's PCC

Vera Baird has received more votes than the other three candidates combined.

  • Vera Baird (Lab) 180,479
  • Stewart Hay (Con) 58,713
  • Melanie Hurst (UKIP) 52,293
  • Jonathan Wallace (LD) 34,75


Second preferences to be counted for Cleveland PCC

Second preference votes are being counted for the Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner after no candidate received 50% of the vote.

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