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Result:- Conservative gain - Berwick-upon-Tweed

Anne-Marie Trevelyan has been elected as the Conservative MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Berwick-upon-Tweed result breakdown:

Nigel Coghill-Marshall (UKIP) - 4,513

Scott Dickinson (Labour) - 6,042

Julie Pörksen (Liberal Democrats) - 11,689

Rachael Roberts (Green) - 1488

Anne-Marie Trevelyan (Conservative) - 16,603

Neil Humphry (English Democrats) - 88

The total turn out was 71.09%.

Richmond MP Rishi Sunak: “I’ve got big boots to fill”

Rishi Sunak has been elected as the Conservative MP for Richmond, replacing former foreign secretary William Hague. Sunak has said that he has “impossible boots to fill.” He also responded to claims that he missed the count, saying that he arrived late so that he wouldn’t disturb the counters.

Sunak won the seat by a clear majority; UKIP candidate Matthew Cooke came second with 8,194 votes, taking 15.7% share of the vote after standing for the first time.

Cooke thanked his supporters and said he was proud to have “come second in the safest Conservative seat in the country.”

Richmond result breakdown with number of votes and percentage of the vote:

Rishi Sunak (Con) – 27,744 (51.38%)

Matthew Cooke (UKIP) – 8,194 (15.17%)

Mike Hill (Lab) – 7,124 (13.19%)

John Harris (Lib Dem) – 3,465 (6.42%)

John Blackie (Ind) – 3,348 (6.20%)

Leslie Rowe (Green) – 2,313 (4.28%)

Robin Scott (Ind) – 1,811 (3.35%)



UKIP sees surge of support in North East

UKIP candidate Phillip Broughton can't hide his happiness as UKIP come second in Hartlepool Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The party have seen a significant rise in the share of the vote. They have come second in many seats in the North East, challenging Labour.

UKIP saw one of their biggest rises in Hartlepool, taking in 27.99% of the vote. Iain Wright was re-elected as the constituency's Labour MP.

Hartlepool result breakdown with number of votes and percentage of the vote:

Iain Wright (Lab) – 14,076 (35.64%)

Phillip Broughton (UKIP) – 11,052 (27.99%)

Richard Royal (Con) – 8,256 (20.91%)

Stephen Picton (Ind) – 2,954 (7.48%)

Michael Holt (Green) – 1,341 (3.40%)

Sandra Allison (Hospital) – 849 (2.15%)

Hilary Allen (Lib Dem) – 761 (1.93%)

John Hobbs (Ind) 201 (0.51%)

UKIP also took over 20% of the vote in South Shields and Houghton and Sunderland South.

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