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'We can't just be a Parliament for 52% of the population'

Rebel Labour MP Rachael Maskell has warned that Parliament needs to represent all parts of society - not just those who voted in favour of Brexit.

The York Central representative was among the 47 Labour MPs to vote against triggering Article 50, having resigned from the Shadow Cabinet in protest at Jeremy Corbyn's three-line whip to vote in favour.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, she said her constituency had voted to remain in the EU, and she felt it was important to ensure their views were represented in the Commons.

It is about representing the voices out there - we can't just be a Parliament for 52 per cent of the country, which is what the government wants to do.

We've got 100 per cent of people living in our country that are obviously concerned about their future, and what's really important is that Parliament reflects that, reflects the diversity of different parts of our country.

We've got to find a way through that finds that voice for everybody.

– Rachael Maskell MP


York MP resigns from shadow cabinet.

Shadow environment secretary and York MP Rachael Maskell has resigned from the shadow cabinet. Credit: Rachael Maskell

Shadow environment secretary and York MP Rachael Maskell has resigned from the shadow cabinet.

It's after revealing she will defy the Labour whip to vote against triggering Article 50 to formally begin Brexit tonight.

York Central MP Ms Maskell said she made the decision to vote against Article 50 in line with the strong 58-42 Remain vote in the city.

She highlighted York's 1,000-year history of being a European trade centre and its economic reliance on the single market for the city's universities, manufacturers and tourism industry.

Ms Maskell said she consulted with thousands of her constituents and local businesses as well as holding emergency meetings this week before deciding how to vote.

The UK is no longer being offered a 'people's Brexit' but a 'Theresa May Brexit', which goes far beyond just leaving the European Union, as voted on at the referendum last June. In voting against the legislation, I am representing the will of my constituents, ensuring their voice is heard in Parliament.

When I took the oath of allegiance upon swearing in to Parliament in May 2015, I broke with convention and swore my oath to my constituents first; I will not forget this.

I believe that Theresa May's Brexit 'plan' is creating an unjustifiable level of risk at a time of national and international uncertainty and volatility, with silence on national security measures, no mention of climate change mitigation or environmental protections, and no guarantee of good jobs or employment rights.

Most worrying of all is the rapidly changing social context which is leading to a rise of racism and hate crime in the UK.

These are the very things that I have campaigned on all my life and believe are central to Labour's values."

– Rachael Maskell

Apprentices deserve same treatment as university students, says North Yorks MP

Over the coming weeks young people across the region will be waiting anxiously to find out whether or not they've been offered a place at university.

The application process, run by UCAS, has now closed - but for those who've chosen not to go down the academic route, this time of year can be a frustrating one.

Now one North Yorkshire MP is calling for apprenticeships to be treated exactly the same as university applications.

Rishi Sunak believes without a UCAS system, young people looking for an apprentice scheme are often ignored, with very little information or help available to them.

Daniel Hewitt has been finding out more:

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