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Exclusive poll for ITV News Tyne Tees: Scotland should stay

In an exclusive poll ahead of the Scottish independence referendum, ITV News Tyne Tees can reveal that two thirds of residents in the North East of England say they do not want Scotland to become an independent country.

Half say that if it did happen, it would have a negative impact on the region.

The full results of the poll are to follow.

The poll was conducted by ComRes, who interviewed 510 adults living in the ITV News Tyne Tees region online between 4th and 11th September 2014.

Data was weighted to be representative of all adults in the region.

Dean of Durham offers prayers ahead of referendum

The Dean of Durham is encouraging people to pray that Scottish voters “use their votes carefully with concern for the common good,” ahead of the Referendum on Independence this week.

The Very Reverend Michael Sadgrove said: “In these days leading up to the Referendum, and on the day itself, we are inviting people to pray for the people of Scotland and the whole United Kingdom at this crucial time of decision. We pray that all the people of Scotland will use their vote responsibly and carefully with a view to the things that will enable our mutual flourishing so that these islands remain a secure home for all our people.”

Two prayers have been written, which have been placed at a specially created prayer station at the Altar of St Margaret of Scotland, within Durham Cathedral.

The Dean has been vocal on both his blog and twitter platform about the Scottish Referendum and said: “Although the Church of England has not taken an official stance on this political vote, I believe that people in England should be given the opportunity to pray about something that will, in the end, affect us all.”


PCC calls for schools to teach about domestic violence

Vera Baird QC GB Labour MP Redcar Credit: The Labour Party/Press Association Images

The Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird, is today calling for schools to teach children about domestic violence.

Speaking at an event at Northumbria University, she aims to voice the importance for young people to learn that non-violent relationships are healthy and normal.

Vera Baird is working with the Labour party to propose changes to the national curriculum.

Darling 'confident' the UK will survive

The leader of the unionist campaign, Alistair Darling, has insisted he is "very confident" that Scottish voters will reject independence.

His comments follow a YouGov poll which put the Independence campaign ahead of the unionists.

The pound has dropped to a 10-month low and some Scotland-based financial institutions have seen shares drop by more than 2%.


"Protect our children from cheap alcohol"

The leaders of 12 councils across the North East have written an open letter calling for the Government to protect children from cheap alcohol.

As leaders of the 12 councils in the North East of England with a responsibility for the public health of our communities we are increasingly concerned about the damage being caused by the widespread availability of cheap, strong alcohol. The latest North East figures speak for themselves:

– Open letter from 12 council leaders
  • One child is admitted to hospital every day because of alcohol
  • Alcohol related hospital admissions in the over 65s have doubled in the past 10 years
  • Over 570 alcohol related crimes are recorded in the region every day
  • It costs £3 million a day to clean up the problems caused by cheap booze.

The letter addressed to Andy Burnham MP, Paul Burstow MP, Jeremy Hunt MP and Norman Lamb MP goes on to blame the marketplace which "encourages and makes it easy" to consume alcohol.

It’s the most vulnerable who suffer as people in our most deprived communities are 45 per cent more likely to suffer an alcohol related death than those on the highest incomes.

It is clear local action is not enough. We need your help.

– Open letter from 12 council leaders

The letter asks the Government to put measures to tackle alcohol into the election manifesto.

  • Introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol set at 50p per unit.
  • Take measures to protect our children from the influence of alcohol marketing.
  • Review the licensing act, turning it into a strategic tool to be used by localities to minimise harm in their communities.

In the UK we are consuming twice as much alcohol as we did in the middle of the last century. The fact that it is 61 percent more affordable than it was in 1980; that we have seen a 25 per cent increase in off licensed premises selling alcohol; and that the industry is spending at least £800 million a year promoting its products is no coincidence. These are the things we need your help to address.

– Open letter from 12 council leaders
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