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Osborne: Budget will 'put the next generation first'

The Budget will put "the next generation first", Chancellor George Osborne has said.

Tweeting a picture of the Budget and the famous red briefcase, he said: "Today's Budget sets out long-term solutions to long-term problems.

"It's a Budget that puts the next generation first."


Disabled Tyneside man faces losing motability car

The case of a disabled Tyneside man who faces losing his motability car due to benefit changes has been raised with the Prime Minister.

John Bradney is 67 and from Newburn. He has polio, is unable to walk far, or use public transport - and says his car brings his independence.

He has been told he is now longer eligible for a motability vehicle, after a new assessment - as the Personal Independence Payment replaces the Disability Living Allowance.

His MP Catherine McKinnell raised his case - and that of 14,000 others around the UK in the same position - at Prime Minister's Questions.

The Department for Work and Pensions says John's case will now be reconsidered.

Tom Sheldrick reports:

Newcastle Council approves £32 million cut to next year's budget

Newcastle Council has voted to approve a £32m cuts package at a meeting this evening.

The announcement comes as the council faces further reductions to its central government grant. £15m will be stripped from the adult social care budget, which will result in 30 full time social workers losing their jobs.

To try and close the funding gap, councillors have also approved a rise of just under 4% to council tax. For Band D households that will mean an increase of twenty six pounds a year.

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