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Perseid Meteor Shower: Peaking tonight

Tonight we expect the Perseid Meteor Shower to peak.

The Annual event should be particularly spectacular tonight with perfect conditions in the north of England and south of Scotland.

Between 11pm and 4am we can expect between 50-100 meteors an hour.

Credit: Lizzie Watson

What are the Perseids?

The meteors are pieces of debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle.

Every Summer, at around this time, the Earth passes through a cloud of this debris.

It is the small particles entering the Earth's atmosphere that causes the famous streaks across the night sky.

And tonight we are forecast clear skies and light breezes - a perfect night for meteor watching.

Credit: Met Office

How to see tonight's show:

  • Find somewhere dark away from streetlights and town centres
  • Wrap up warm - clear skies=chilly temperatures
  • Lie down - a blanket on the ground or a deckchair will work
  • Keep your fingers crossed - seeing the best meteors is always down to luck.


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