Man dies at Lake District campsite

A man believed to be from Darlington in County Durham has died from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning in the Lake District.

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Tributes paid to suspected poisoning victim

Tributes are tonight being paid to Chris Bainbridge, who died from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning during a camping holiday in the Lake District.

His wife, Jane, is still seriously ill at the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle.

The couple, from Darlington, had been staying in a wooden cabin at the Quiet Site Caravan Park in Watermillock at Ullswater when they were found.

Chris Sivers, from Darlington Borough Council said: "Just a really nice chap. Obviously as an employer is concerned he was a really good guy.

"Did a good job at work. He was a Management Information Officer so he did a lot of detailed work, returns to Government, that sort of thing. And just a really nice guy. Had a lot of friends in the office, he had a lot of friends throughout the council, and he'll be sorely missed."

Our correspondent Dan Ashby sent this report.

Statement from friend and colleague of Chris Bainbridge:

I first met Chris Bainbridge when I started on the YTS scheme at

Darlington Borough mainly through social activities such as playing pool on

a lunch time.

I then joined the General Rates section in 1986 and began working with

Chris – little did I think I would still be working with him 25 years later.

Chris suggested one day that I should go out for a drink one Saturday night

with his group of friends – after some arm twisting I eventually did go out

and was introduced to a group of people who are still all very close


It did occur to me today that everyone I call a friend outsidework, I met through Chris.

Chris always enjoyed playing 5-a-side football until age got the better ofhim and was a regular turn out for the Community Charge team as well asrepresenting NALGO.

Chris also organised a weekly football sweep with a ‘bottle’ draw at theend of the year.

Chris was a good colleague to many people who have passed through the Local Taxation Office over the last 20 or so years but more importantly a goodfriend to all of us.

Over the last couple of days people have reminded me of times together all

of which I will never forget.

Chris will be dearly missed by everyone who new him. Our thoughts are withJane and Chris’s family.

– Philip Brown, Darlington Borough Council


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