Jobless Alcan workers offered internal fair

Hundreds of Northumberland workers who have been made redundant at Alcan are being offered their own jobs fair.

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Six secure jobs after Alcan

Representatives of Rio Tinto Alcan say some workers have already secured jobs at other firms.

Six who faced redundancy with the imminent closure of the smelter have been recruited by Nissan.

It's still early days. Some people have left us and got into other roles. Six have been recruited by Nissan. But this is about getting our guys into the biggest and best employers.

– John McCabe, Rio Tinto

Hundreds of workers are at an internal jobs fare being held at the site in Lynemouth today.

Mick Bate, a process operator, said 'it's not all doom and gloom'.

It's a good fair, but it's a bit daunting. If you're prepared to move there's a lot of opportunity. But I have a family here...but there's things out there.

– Mick Bate, Alcan worker

Hundreds expected at Alcan jobs fair

Hundreds are expected through the doors at the Alcan jobs fair Credit: ITV News

Hundreds of workers at the Rio Tinto Alcan plant are expected to an internal jobs fair.

It was confirmed recently that more than 500 people will be made redundant when the smelter closes. Nissan and Huntsman are among the firms that will try and create opportunities for them.


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