Maundy money

Preparations are under way for a Maundy money service in York. The Queen will give out the money at York Minister, the only church outside of London to host the ceremony twice.

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The Queen hands out Maundy Money

The Queen is visiting York to distribute Maundy Money at the Minster.

During the Royal service, the Queen gives the Maundy Money to 86 women and 86 men, representing the Queen's 86 years.

Two purses are given to each person - one containing a £5 coin commemorating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and a fifty pence piece. The other contains uniquely minted Maundy Money.


Maundy money preparations underway

The York Minster choirs rehearse in anticipation of the Queen's visit on Thursday Credit: ITV News

Preparations are underway at York Minster in anticipation of a royal visit.

The Queen will attend a special ceremony at the cathedral on Thursday to hand out Maundy money.

York Minster is the only church outside London to host the ceremony more than once - it was last held in the city in 1972.

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