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A drama where "you decide the outcome" is launched in Newcastle.

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TryLife in action

Actors involved in TryLife see the end result for the first time Credit: ITV News

A drama where "you decide the outcome" has been launched in Newcastle.

It aims to help young adults deal with issues like drugs, sex and violence.

TryLife involves scenarios where characters are faced with a set of dilemmas. It's the users who decide what happens next.

For example they decide if the characters are involved in crime or stay at home and finish their homework.

The online drama pulls no punches. In one outcome a character is raped and in another they contract a sexually transmitted disease.

Actors in Trylife wait to see what scene viewers have picked Credit: ITV News

The creator, Paul Irwin, says families can find it difficult to approach certain subjects, like sex and alcohol.

He believes an interactive drama could make it easier for young people to engage with these issues.

He explained "the character is an avatar for the person and they can learn from that character."

At the end of certain scenarios viewers are given a list of charities and information services where young people can go to get some help and advice.


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