Local Elections 2012

Voters in several parts of the region go to the polls today in local elections.

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Newcastle election reaction

It was a good day for Labour in Newcastle. The party picked up six seats from their Lib Dem rivals to consolidate control of the civic centre. The council break down is now Labour: 51, Lib Dem: 26 and Independent: 1.

The leader of the council will continue to be Labour's Nick Forbes who took an impressive 81 per cent of the vote in his Westgate ward.

Cllr David Faulkner, Liberal Democrats and Cllr Joyce MCCartey, Labour give their reaction to the Newcastle City Council election results.


Labour hold Newcastle

Labour have picked up six seats from the Lib Dems to consolidate their

control of the civic centre in Newcastle. The leader of the council will continueto be Labour's Nick Forbes who took an impressive 81 per cent of thevote in his Westgate ward.

  • Labour: 51 seats (+6)
  • Lib Dem: 26 seats (-6)
  • Independent: 1 (no change)


Labour hold North Tyneside

It was a bad night for the Conservatives and Lib Dems on North Tyneside.

The Conservatives lost six seats and the Lib Dems three, as Labour gained eight.

Results for North Tyneside are as follows:

  • Labour: 43 seats (+8)
  • Conservative: 13 seats (-6)
  • Lib Dem: 3 seats (-3)
  • Independent: 1 seat (+1)

Tories hold Harrogate

The Conservatives have held onto Harrogate after recording a majority of 33 seats.

The Tories lost one seat to an Independent but still hold council control.

Results for Harrogate are as follows:

  • Conservative: 33 seats (-1)
  • Lib Dem: 17 seats (no change)
  • Ind: 3 seats (+1)
  • Liberal: 1 seat (no change)
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