Toddler death inquest

The inquest into the death of a toddler is underway in Sunderland. Melanie Ruddell strangled her two-year-old son Christy and took his body to a police station.

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Toddler death mother had 'acute psychosis'

An inquest has heard that a mother was assessed as having 'acute psychosis' just hours before she killed her young son.

Melanie Ruddell was taken to hospital but discharged herself before she could be seen by a specialist mental health team. A short time later, Mrs Ruddell strangled 2 year old Christy.

Helen Ford has been at the inquest in Sunderland.

Uncle of strangled toddler gives evidence

The brother of a woman who killed her son has told an inquest he never thought she would harm the child.

Melanie Ruddell from County Durham pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of two year old Christy on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Neil Close told the inquest in Sunderland that despite his sister's unusual behaviour, he had 'no worries' for Christy because he knew Melanie to be a good mother. The hearing continues.


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