North East Flame Celebration

Part of the English flame is being brought to the North East for a Flame Celebration event at Beamish Museum.

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Draw made to decide flame honour

Tanni Grey Thompson making the draw at The King's Academy, Middlesbrough Credit: ITV

A draw has been made to select who will have the honour of collecting a splinter of the English Flame and bring it to a ceremony in the North East.

The Flame Celebration is being held at the Beamish Museum in County Durham on August 24.

Part of the English Flame (which will later become the Paralympic Flame) is being brought up from Trafalgar Square in London by a nominated disabled person. The flame will then be used at the ceremony in Beamish.

Former Paralympic athlete, Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson made the draw at The King's Academy in Middlesbrough this afternoon.

The winning nominated will be announced on June 8.

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