Reports of child neglect rises

Children's charity NSPCC revealed today that the number of reports of child neglect rose last year.

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NSPCC: Reports of child neglect rising

Paula Telford from the NSPCC in Newcastle believes there are many reasons why the number of cases of child neglect being reported rose last year.

She believes that people are feeling more confident about reporting what they see or hear and wants to encourage more people to use the help lines.

She said: "Ringing the help line doesn't mean the family concerned will automatically be referred on to the police or child services. It may be we can help the family in other ways.

"Most parents want to look after their children properly but just need a helping hand."

NSPCC blames budget cuts for rise in reports of child neglect

Children's charity NSPCC has revealed that the number of cases of child neglect being reported to them is rising.

In the North East and Cumbria 507 concerned people rang the chairty last year, and the number of cases that needed to be referred on to police or children's services increased by 26.7% from the previous year.

"The rise in reports of neglect to the NSPCC comes as local children's services face unprecedented pressures, with more children being taken into care, and more families needing help at a time of significant funding cuts.

Last year 137 children in Newcastle were subject to child protection plans because they were at risk of harm from neglect - up from 113 on the previous year.

Callers to the NSPCC helpline described children going hungry and begging neighbours for food. Others were worried about children left home alone or outside in the cold for hours on end."

– NSPCC spokesperson

Anyone who thinks a child is being neglected, or suffering any kind of abuse, shouldn’t wait until they are certain there’s a problem. Contact the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000 or click here to visit their website.


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