Eric Lomax, The Railway Man author dies

Eric Lomax, has died aged 93. As a prisoner of war Lomax forced by the Japanese to construct the Thailand-Burma. His book The Railway Man is now being made into a film starring Colin Firth.

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The life of Eric Lomax

A former prisoner of war from Berwick who became famous when he forgave his torturers has died aged 93.

Eric Lomax wrote a book about his experiences working on the infamous Burma railway, made famous in the film The Bridge on the River Kwai.

Now another film has been made, this time about Eric.

Derek Proud has been looking back at his life.


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  • Eric Lomax dies aged 93

    The man famous for his memoirs based on his time as a prisoner of war has died. Eric Lomax passed away in Berwick yesterday aged 93.