Council workers' "living wage"

Thousands of the lowest-paid workers in Newcastle have received a pay rise after the city council implemented the so-called 'living wage'.

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Unions hope that 'living wage' will spread elsewhere

The trade union Unison is hoping that the move to implement a 'living wage' by Newcastle City Council for its employees will be one that is that spread across the region.

The council is the first in the region to grant to 'living wage' which will see its lowest paid workers earning one pound more than the average minimum wage.

Clare Williams, from Unison, says that there are many reasons to push for a 'living wage'.


Newcastle City Council first to grant 'living wage'

Newcastle City Council has become the first council in the region to give its lowest-paid workers a pay rise to the so-called 'living wage'.

Two thousand people are now earning £7.20 an hour - a pound more than the national minimum wage.

The amount is an independent assessment of how much it costs to live.

However, it is estimated that the move will cost the council nearly a million pounds a year.

The trade union Unison is now campaigning for other councils to follow suit.

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