Sunderland student recovering after Pakistan shooting

A student from Sunderland University, who was shot in the head whilst on holiday with his family in Pakistan, has had pioneering surgery to have the bullet removed.

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Terror victim recovering in hospital

Ummad Farooq is studying for an MBA at Sunderland University and was shot in the head at close-range whilst on holiday in Pakistan with his family.

His newly-wed brother died in the attack, and his father remains in intensive care.

Ummad Farooq was shot in an attack in Pakistan that killed his brother Credit: ITV Central

Student recovering after Pakistan terrorist attack

Sunderland student Ummad Farooq is recovering after an operation to remove a bullet from his head, after he was shot in the forehead during what he believes to have been a terrorist attack at his brother's wedding in Pakistan.

The 22-year-old had travelled to Pakistan with his family and was shot by two men on a bike in Karachi, Pakistan.

The student's brother was killed in the attack, and his father was also injured.

Mr Farooq is now recovering after surgery in a hospital in Birmingham - where the bullet was removed from his head in what has been called "pioneering surgery".

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