Birdwatchers flock to North East to see special visitor

Bird watchers from all over the country are flocking to the North East to see a very unusual visitor.

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Birdwatchers spot rare breed in Sunderland

Birdwatchers have been flocking to Sunderland to catch a glimpse of a rare type of bird.

A European Bee-eater was seen in a garden, and the tiny visitor attracted crowds from all over the country.

The species is rare in the UK, and mainly resides in southern Europe. This time of year the birds usually migrate to north Africa.

One birdwatcher - Steve Bailey - had come from Manchester to see it:


Bee-eater bird far from home

A rare European Bee-eater has been spotted in a garden in Sunderland, attracting a crowd of eager birdwatchers.

The birds usually live in Southern Europe and at this time of year should be in Africa.

Twitchers from as far away as London and Manchester have been travelling to Wearside to see the special visitor.

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