Duchess steps down from Alnwick Garden

The Duchess of Northumberland, who has been the face of Alnwick Garden for seventeen years, is stepping down from her role of managing the attraction.

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Final fundraising push as Duchess hands over control

Alnwick Garden has been open since 2001 in the castle grounds Credit: ITV

The Duchess of Northumberland is launching a final fundraising push to raise fifteen million pounds for Alnwick Garden before she hands over control of the gardens to an outside management company.

Lady Jane Percy hopes that through launching her own skin-care range, clothing line and adding more books to the successful 'Poison Diaries' series, that this will help fund the final touches to the garden.

Around sixteen million pounds of public funds has already gone into financing the Alnwick Garden project, which brings fifty million pounds to the region every year.


Duchess of Northumberland to leave Alnwick Garden

Lady Jane Percy, the Duchess of Northumberland, will be handing over control of Alnwick Garden as she moves onto new business-ventures.

Since it opened in 2001, the garden has created three hundred new jobs and helped fund many other charitable and educational projects.

The Duchess has now set a date to finish the garden and is in the final stages of designing a play area with German specialists, as well as lighting project 'Sparkle'.

"I have decided I am going to have finished the Alnwick Garden by May 2015.

The difficult thing is finding the right person to hand it to.

It will have been a big part of my life. I have to set a date to finish it."

– Lady Jane Percy, The Duchess of Northumberland

Alnwick Garden to be run under new management

Lady Jane Percy, the Duchess of Northumberland, is set to hand over management of Alnwick Garden to an outside management company after nearly twenty years of managing the attraction.

The multi-million pound tourist attraction, set in the grounds of Alnwick Castle, will be run as a franchise by an outside company from 2015 - when the Duchess hopes to have finished building the Alnwick Garden.

The transformation of Alnwick Castle's eighteenth-century walled gardens, part of the Duke of Northumberland's estate, has cost over forty million pounds, and has brought fifty million pounds every year to the North East economy.

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