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Battle for Cleveland Commissioner down to two candidates

The Labour and Conservative candidates are now battling it out in the race to become Police Commissioner in Cleveland.

63,431 first preference votes were counted but as no candidate achieved the fifty percent required, a count of second preferences is now underway in Thornaby.

The results were:

Sultan Alam - Independent


Barry Coppinger - Labour


Ken Lupton - Conservative


Joe Michna - Green


The Returning Office has announced that both Sultan Alam and Joe Michna have now been eliminated and counting of second preference votes continues for the Labour and Conservative candidates.

Counting underway in Cleveland

Counting is underway in Cleveland's Police and Crime Commissioner elections Credit: ITV

Counting is now underway to find out who will become Cleveland's Police and Crime Commissioner.

Turn out was just 15.12 percent.

Four candidates are standing:

Sultan Alam - Independent

Barry Coppinger - Labour

Ken Lupton - Conservative

Joe Michna - Green

The result is expected this afternoon.

The vote count continues in Cleveland Credit: ITV


Voting day in Police Commissioner elections

Voters are being asked to chose a commissioner to oversee their local force Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Voting takes place across the North East in the first elections for Police and Crime Commissioners.

PCCs are being elected to each police force in England outside London. Their responsibilities will include overseeing budgets, setting priorities and appointing Chief Constables.

In the ITV Tyne Tees region, PCCs will be elected to the Northumbria, Durham, Cleveland and North Yorkshire forces.

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