Footage surfaces of Martin Luther King at Newcastle University

Footage of Black Civil Rights leader Dr Martin Luther King visiting Tyneside just months before his assassination has been found. The film shows the civil rights leader addressing a crowd at Newcastle University in 1967.

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Newcastle MP praises Martin Luther King's legacy

Shadow Minister for the Department for Business and Newcastle MP Chi Onwurah has praised the legacy of civil rights campaigner Dr Martin Luther King.

The Newcastle MP is due to speak at an event to mark forty-five years since the Dr King's visit to Newcastle University to receive his honorary doctorate in 1967.

"I remember reading Dr King's 'I have a dream' speech on a poster in Boots in Eldon Square when I was nine and being very moved by it.

Being the only UK university to honour him in his lifetime says a lot about Newcastle, the university and what he stood for.

He was an inspiration for many in the North East"

– Chi Onwurah, MP and Shadow Minister for Department of Business

Martin Luther King: "You give me renewed confidence and vigour to carry on"

Martin Luther King, pictured here in 1967, was awarded an honorary doctorate by Newcastle University Credit: Newcastle University

In the film, Martin Luther King is seen addressing hundreds of students and guests in the King's Hall at Newcastle University.

"I can assure you that your honouring me is this very meaningful way is of estimable value for the continuance of my humble efforts...

...though I cannot in any way say I am worthy of such a great honour I can assure you, you give me renewed confidence and vigour to carry on in the struggle to make peace and justice a reality."

  • Dr Martin Luther King, 1967


Black and white film shows civil rights leader speaking in Newcastle

After being hidden away for many years in the archives of Newcastle University, footage of the famous civil rights leader Martin Luther King has resurfaced just in time for the university's anniversary of Dr King's visit in 1967.

Martin Luther King was awarded an honorary degree by Newcastle University on November 13th 1967 and given the title of Honorary Doctor of Civil Law.

The new footage shows the civil rights campaigner receiving his award and addressing a crowd of hundreds of Newcastle lecturer and students.

"The footage is something that we've had for many years in our archive but it wasn't straight away that its significance was realised.

It was a very big deal for the university that he came all the way to the UK just to come to Newcastle."

– Eric Cross, Dean of Cultural Affairs at Newcastle University
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