Rare cancer sufferer "failed by NHS"

The family of a woman from Bishopton who died from a rare cancer have raised concerns over the standards of her care after doctors failed to diagnose her condition during eighteen months of visiting GPs and Stockton hospitals.

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Doctors failed to diagnose cancer over 17 month period

The family of a Stockton woman, who died from a rare form of cancer that went undiagnosed, say they plan to complain about the medical care she received.

27-year-old Kendra Wilson was diagnosed seventeen months ago with what doctors initially thought was irritable bowel syndrome.

When the drugs that she was given did not appear to be working, and as her symptoms worsened, Kendra went back to seek medical help.

She visited various doctors almost forty times over the seventeen month period, but was told each time that it was the bowel condition and not sent to a specialist.

In September tests revealed that Kendra was in fact suffering from cancer. She died a month later with her four children by her side.


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