Renewed appeal to help find Graham Roskell

As the search for missing Harrogate man Graham Roskell continues, officers are appealing to the public to help verify a potential sighting of him and to contact them with any information about Mr Roskell's whereabouts.

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Farmers join search for Graham Roskell

Graham Roskell has been missing since Saturday 3rd October Credit: Police CCTV

The family of missing Graham Roskell have been appealing to local farmers urging them to check outbuildings for any sign of him.

Many local people have joined the search for Mr Roskell, including Gregg Shillabeer who used his paramotor to help search the countryside near Hunsingore from the sky.

Gregg Shillabeer used his paramotor to help with the search for the missing man Credit: North Yorkshire Police

Mr Roskell is described as white, 65-years-old, 5ft 11in tall, with a medium build.

He has greyish white straight hair, and although he was wearing glasses when he was last seen, he does not need them all of the time so may not be wearing them.

When he was reported missing Mr Roskell was wearing black leather lace up shoes, olive green trousers and a cream and green horizontally striped rugby style top.

He was also wearing a black wrist watch, and was carrying a navy blue fleece knee-length dressing gown that was rolled up.

The Find Graham Roskell Facebook page can be accessed from the following link:

Mr Roskell’s family have also set up a website to help the search effort, which can be accessed at

Family of missing man release statement

Graham Roskell was reported missing on Saturday 3 November 2012 when he left Harrogate District Hospital where he was receiving treatment.

He was last seen on CCTV footage leaving the hospital at around 8am.

Police have been searching for him in and around the Harrogate area since he disappeared.

Every police force in the country has been made aware of Mr Roskell’s disappearance in case he has travelled further afield, and his profile is featuring on the Missing People website

Mr Roskell’s family and friends have also been searching for him and have set up a website and Facebook page to raise public awareness, generating outstanding public support.

Hundreds of people have been volunteering their time to help with the search and distribute posters and leaflets.

“Our dad has been missing and not receiving treatment for his condition for over a week now. Every day that passes feels like a year, and we are truly grateful for the help we have had from everyone to help us get this far.

Our family has been torn apart and every member of our family has been out there searching. The searches by the public and the police are also still on going and we would like to thank those people for not giving up hope."

– Roskell Family

“Although farmers, landowners and rural businesses may have already checked their outbuildings and sheltered areas, we are urging those people to regularly check, as he may have moved around, or be unable to respond to people simply calling his name.

There are now over 5000 members on the “Find Graham Roskell” Facebook page, and more are joining every day. It’s not too late to get involved and help in any way you can as we still know that he is out there somewhere.”

– Roskell Family


Appeal to verify possible sighting of missing man

As the search for missing Harrogate man Graham Roskell continues officers are appealing to the public to help verify a potential sighting of him.

Officers are urging this man to come forward so that they can rule him out of their enquiries.

A man aged 60 to 65-years-old, who bore a strong resemblance to Mr Roskell was seen by witnesses walking along the road from Spofforth towards North Deighton between 11am and 11.30am on Saturday 3 November 2012.

"“We need to establish who this man was, so that we can concentrate on other lines of enquiry.

Was this you walking towards North Deighton from Spofforth on the morning of Saturday 3 November 2012? If it wasn’t you do you know who it was?

Please contact the police as soon as possible if you have any information that can assist with the investigation.”

– Acting Sergeant Ed Rogerson, Harrogate Police
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