Cost of summer flooding

An MP has criticised what she says is a lack of government support after summer flooding cost Newcastle City Council nine point two million pounds.

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£9.2 million bill for June's massive downpour in Newcastle

June 28th was a very dark day for residents across Newcastle, particularly those in Newburn.

A month's rain fell in just two hours - causing havoc across the city.

A blocked culvert at Spencer Court in Newburn provided the most dramatic images as the foundations were swept away.

Now, the area's MP Catherine McKinnell has said that the total bill to Newcastle Council is £9.2 million.

The MP has criticised the government's failure to provide grants to help out.

A government scheme called Belwin is available to councils, subject to certain caps, to help councils deal with immediate recovery costs after disasters.

The Local Government Minister Brandon Lewis said that while the June floods did have a significant impact locally, overall this summer's floods were on a lesser scale than those which struck in 2007.

Then 55, 000 homes and properties were flooded nationally compared to 4000 in 2012.

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