Footballers tackle unemployment

Three high profile sporting figures are supporting a unique scheme which uses football to develop working skills for the long term unemployed.

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Tackling unemployment with football

Two former professional footballers have thrown their support behind an innovative scheme to help get a job for people who've been out of work for a long time.

Olivier Bernard and Paul Bracewell believe many of the skills needed on the football pitch, like leadership and teamwork, are the same as those required in the workplace.

Job training through football

Team work, communication and leadership are just some of the skills being taught through football. Credit: ITV

Long term unemployed people are getting new skills to equip them for work through football. The scheme, which is part of the government's Work Programme, applies the skills required in sport, like motivation and team work, to the world of work.


Footballers tackling unemployment

Three high profile football figures are supporting a new scheme which uses football to tackle long term unemployment.

Andrew Robson, son of Sir Bobby, will be joined by former Newcastle United players Olivier Bernard and Paul Bracewell for a workshop on motivation with a group of unemployed people.

The scheme, called 'Best in the Field', uses football to teach leadership skills, teamwork and communication, while increasing self confidence. The participants have also acquired a refereeing qualification for their CVs.

By relating the disciplines demanded by sport to those needed in the workplace, it's hoped those taking part will find it easier to find a job.

The scheme has been organised by Ingeus, which delivers the government's Work Programme in the North East, in collaboration with the Football Association.

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