Millionaire sells house for charity

The philanthropist, Brian Burnie, sold his estate to fund his cancer charity. Now he is selling his house too.

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Millionaire sells house to help cancer patients

A millionaire who sold his estate to raise money for his cancer charity is repeating the act, this time by selling his own house.

Brian Burnie set up 'Daft as a Brush' in 2009, after selling his 12-acre Doxford Hall Estate. The charity provides transport to and from hospital for cancer patients.

They are picked up from their homes by a chauffeur and a companion who travels with them.

Now Mr Burnie has sold his town house in Newcastle, where he lived with his wife Shirley, who battled breast cancer. He plans to use the £600,000 from the sale to help for a new headquarters for the charity.

He also wants to buy new cars so he can help more patients.

"Once you get involved there's no going back. I knew it would be successful, but I wouldn't have believed it would be as big as it's become. Daft as a Brush is doing what it can in the North but I'd love to think that within two or three years it will be much bigger."

– Brian Burnie
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