Pupils run 'Enterprise City'

A new education project - originally designed in America - is being run for the first time today in the North East. The 'Enterprise City' project gives pupils the chance to run their own city, where they make up the laws and rules.

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Full Report: Pupils run Enterprise City

If you don't think politicians always get it right, how about trusting a group of ten year olds to run things instead?

Children in County Durham have been the first to try out a new idea from America to set up their own city.

The class made up laws, paid taxes and had to go through job interviews. And then there were wages to spend.

Watch the full report from Lucy Taylor below.

"This is a step in giving them a career in the right direction"

Pupils at Pelton Primary School in County Durham applied and were interviewed for the different roles within the 'Enterprise City'.

They are spending the day running their town and creating a vibrant economy.

Terry Coatham, the year six teacher at Pelton Primary School, believes the project is an important way for the pupils to learn about what careers they might want to go into in the future.


Spennymoor pupils run own city

Pupils from Pelton Primary School in County Durham are running their own "city" for the day.

They elect their own mayor, apply for jobs in the shops and bank, and decide rules for citizens.

The Enterprise City concept started in the USA and the children in Spennymoor are the first to do it in the UK.

The students are spending the day running their town and creating its economy Credit: ITV
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