Special Report: Children's heart surgery

Ahead of the review committee, who will decide the future of children's heart surgery in the region, visiting the North East - we hear from surgeons on the frontline.

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Full Report: Children's heart review panel visits Newcastle

It's been described as a system stretched to breaking point that's putting the lives of young children at risk.

Last night we heard exclusive interviews from surgeons working inside our children's heart units.

They told us they were frustrated that the results of a decade-long review, which was set up to improve childrens heart services, had been put on hold after the Government ordered an independent review.

Today that review panel was at the Freeman Hospital, in Newcastle.

It looks after youngsters from across our region and is once again fighting for survival.

You can see the full report from Kenny Toal below.


Children's heart services review

An independent review panel is visiting the Children's Heart Unit at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle later.

They are investigating a decision, made earlier this year, to close some hospitals and create centres of excellence.

It is part of a move to improve the service and concentrate expert surgeons in bigger units.

The panel was ordered to carry out the review by the Department of Health.

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