More flooding misery

Flooding has caused more misery and devastation as the River Ouse burst its banks in York, and we spoke to a couple flooded five times since September.

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Full Report: Flood misery for marooned couple

A couple in their seventies feel that they have become almost imprisoned in their own home after the region's wettest year on record.

Despite spending thousands of pounds on their own flood defences, Brian and Violet Coatsworth from North Yorkshire, have been left marooned five times since September, when water also came gushing through the house.

They are now asking for help to find out what is causing the problem. You can see the full report from Claire Montgomery below.

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Yorkshire battles floods after Ouse spills over its banks

The River Ouse in central York, which has flooded several times in the past few weeks, is currently more than 13ft (4m) above its average summer level after spilling over its banks again.

Pumps have been used to help stop water from flooding homes in York city centre. Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire

Pumps were being used to clear water from pubs, restaurants, homes and hotels along its banks today.

The pumps were brought in after the River Ouse spilled over its banks. Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire

Many of the businesses hit were in the process of being renovated, having been shut since November's deluge.

The Ship Inn Pub in Acaster Malbis, near York, has been cut off in the flooding. Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire


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