Hades the cat on the mend

A cat who went missing and returned home with 60 percent chemical burns is recovering well. Hades went missing back in October - and when he finally returned home his fur was falling off.

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Full Report: Miracle cat recovers after burns

A cat from Teesside had a miraculous recovery after suffering 60 percent burns.

Hades went missing from his home in Saltburn-by-the-Sea in October. When he returned two days later his owners saw how badly he'd been burned.

"As I picked him up all his fur started just falling away. We were all devastated just burst into tears because we just couldn't believe the state he came back in and we couldn't think what had happened." Moira Watson-Pickering, Hades' owner

The family aren't sure how it happened but haven't ruled out that he was hurt on purpose while roaming around Lingdale.

"We were quite worried about him and then we found he also had some sores around his nose and his mouth because cats do wash themselves and I do think he probably tried to lick whatever substance was off him that burnt his nose and his mouth." Stephanie Williams, Head nurse, PDSA Middlesbrough

Hades will now have to get used to life as a house cat as his owners are worried about letting him out on the streets again.

"I just hope it doesn't happen to any other animal as I wouldn't like to think of another family going through what we've gone through. He's still the wonderful Hades we know and love and we're just so grateful." Moira Watson-Pickering, Hades' owner

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Hades back on the road to recovery

Two-year-old Cleveland cat Hades is on the road to recovery after a brush with ill health when he suffered sixty percent chemical burns.

The cat is now back home with his family and recovering well.

Hades' fur is growing back after his ordeal Credit: PDSA Middlesbrough


"He's still the wonderful Hades we know"

Hades the cat went missing back in October - and when he finally returned home his fur was falling off.

It turned out that he had suffered 60 percent chemical burns.

The vets cannot be sure how it happened, but they have not ruled out that Hades was hurt on purpose.

After treatment though the cat is recovering well - and his family, on Teesside, say that they are delighted.

Cat survives 60 percent chemical burns

A cat from Cleveland has been called a "miracle survivor" after surviving sixty percent chemical burns.

Hades went missing from his home in Lingdale in late-October and returned home two days later covered in injuries.

The black and white cat's fur had fallen out in large patches, revealing red raw skin underneath.

Hades was taken to the PDSA PetAid hospital in Middlesbrough, where he stayed for several days, and he is now recovering well.

"I was horrified to hear just how bad Hades was, and the thought that somebody may have deliberately done this to him is terrible.

We just don't know how it happened though, and nobody in our village saw anything.

All we could do was pray that Hades would pull through, as the vets said his condition was extremely serious.

The kids were devastated to think we might lose him."

– Moira Watson-Pickering, owner of Hades
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