Bladder cancer campaign

A new campaign has been launched to educate people about bladder cancer and the risks it carries.

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Cancer campaign pilot launched in the North East

A new pilot campaign to raise awareness of the symptoms of bladder and kidney cancers is being launched in the North East.The Be Clear on Cancer 'Blood in Pee' campaign pilot features TV and radio adverts to raise awareness of the key symptoms - particularly blood in urine.

The NHS estimates around 550 people die from these cancers annually in the North East and Cumbria region, with around 1250 patients being diagnosed with diseases.

"Blood in your pee could be an early sign of kidney or bladder cancer. If you notice it, even if it happens just the once, don't make excuses, make an appointment with your doctor."

– Dr Debbie Ashcroft

A recent online survey revealed only 24 % of people in the North East said they would visit their GP after seeing blood in their urine just once.The pilot will run for nine weeks on the TV and radio, as well as awareness raising events, targeting people over the age of 50 across the North East.

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