Dementia on the rise

Figures released today have show that there is an increase in the number of people in the North East and Cumbria who are being diagnosed with dementia.

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It is a condition that causes memory loss, mental deterioration and confusion, and the number of people developing dementia in our region is rising.

More than eighteen hundred people were diagnosed last year, bringing the total to more than twenty thousand.

However, as Dan Ashby reports, charities say nearly the same number again are living with Dementia - without knowing it.

You can watch his full report below.

"The more you discuss it with a doctor, the more easy it will be in the long run"

Another eighteen hundred people have been diagnosed with dementia in our region in the last year, according to figures out today - but charities warn that there are more than sixteen thousand people here who do not know they have it.

Ron Shuttleworth discovered that he had Alzheimers four years ago and the early diagnosis has helped him and his wife keep his condition in check.


Dementia sufferer speaks about condition

Ron Shuttleworth suffers from dementia Credit: ITV

Ron Shuttleworth, from Ponteland, was diagnosed with dementia four years ago.

He suffers from short-term memory loss, but he jokes "He can't remember that."

His wife Maria says that many people are frightened of Alzheimers, but if they get diagnosed then life becomes much easier.

The couple are part of a 'memory group' in Hexham and also get support from Carers Northumberland.

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